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  • Dear Evan Hansen casting announced?  Aug 22 2017, 06:41:16 PM

    ACL2006 said: "I wonder if Galvin's short two months stint might be his lead up to doing the tour?



    Or he has other commitments and can only sign on for a short stint. They need someone to hold down the fort between Platt's exit and Trensch's arrival, and Galvin is a semi-name. It's a smart choice. 

  • Dear Evan Hansen casting announced?  Aug 22 2017, 06:13:08 PM

    Galvin has an absolutely gorgeous voice that will sound amazing in this music. 

    Trensch...well, I guess we don't have to worry about the role wrecking his voice, since it's already wrecked. 

  • Riedel on Amy Schumer's box office power  Aug 18 2017, 09:31:45 AM

    Riedel's in the gossip business. Being catty serves his bottom line. If there's no story, he creates one. That shouldn't surprise anyone at this point.

  • Riedel on Amy Schumer's box office power  Aug 18 2017, 08:41:57 AM

    There was no need to throw shade at Uma. And why ask if Schumer can sing or dance? It's a play. 

    I'm not going to throw shade at Uma, but I can't imagine any commercial producer would hire her in 2017 thinking she'd bring in boffo box office numbers on name alone. Maybe in 1997. She's a terrific actor, and when she did some theater in the prime of her career, it was an event. But today? Her career has been largely on ice the last couple of years, aside

  • How is Bronx Tale doing so well?  Aug 17 2017, 09:14:49 AM

    haterobics said: "I ride the NJTransit train into the city and they have posters at nearly every stop. They know the donut to which they speak.



    They also advertise heavily in the NJ media markets -- TV and radio. They know who their audience is. It's the Jersey Boys crowd. They see one, maybe two Broadway shows a year. They pay full price. They're not appealing to the Sondheim crowd.

  • The Official TDF Thread  Aug 17 2017, 08:58:01 AM

    How have TDF seats for 1984 been lately?

  • CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD to Play Studio 54 This Spring  Aug 15 2017, 03:17:18 PM

    Oh sorry, I completely missed that detail. In that respect, I don't know, but probably. The list of performers with disabilities who've made it to Broadway is quite smaller, and the list of performers of color with disabilities is smaller.

  • CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD to Play Studio 54 This Spring  Aug 15 2017, 03:03:49 PM

    As a sidenote - will Lauren Ridloff be the first POC with a disability to play a leading role on Broadway? I know that's a lot of qualifiers, but it's still an interesting thing to take note of if it is true. 

    Treshelle Edmond, a deaf woman of color, appeared in the Spring Awakening revival.

  • Joanna Glushak as Helena Rubinstein  Aug 15 2017, 02:24:32 PM

    Donna is first cover, Joanna is second cover. Joanna would only go on in an event where both Patti and Donna weren't able to perform. Since Patti is almost never out, it's not likely Joanna will ever go on.

  • CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD to Play Studio 54 This Spring  Aug 15 2017, 02:22:06 PM

    I saw the production at BSC. It's superb: well acted, expertly directed, feels very relevant. Lauren Roloff is giving a star-is-born kind of performance. You can't take your eyes off her.

    For the record, Roundabout is co-producing, and this will be part of their subscription season.

  • PIPELINE @LCT  Aug 15 2017, 12:09:08 PM

    I reviewed it here. To me, it felt massively unfinished. Karen Pittman and Namir Smallwood are excellent, though.

  • Ben Platt's last day in DEH is officially 11/19  Aug 15 2017, 12:05:23 PM

    Per Michael Paulson of the Times:

  • GLORY DAYS (2008)  Aug 11 2017, 02:56:08 PM

    Boosterism, to borrow the term LarryD2 used earlier in this thread, is a major problem in regional theater criticism. And since DC, Chicago, and LA/Southern California have become the major spots for pre-Broadway engagements these days, their chief critics (Marks, McNulty, and Chris Jones) engage in it regularly. Having shows transfer from their cities to Broadway not only makes them look influential, but makes their cities look like viable tryout spots for future musicals and (rarely) p

  • Riedel on more Comet Drama  Aug 9 2017, 10:12:44 AM

    Maybe Casal subscribes to the any-press-is-good-press theory? Because I'd certainly never heard his name before he inserted himself in this fiasco, and now I know who he is.

  • Barbara Cook Has Passed  Aug 8 2017, 11:33:50 AM

    AP has confirmed. Ms. Cook is, indeed, gone. One of the greatest voices in the history of musical theater.

  • Lin Manuel's Acting  Aug 8 2017, 09:41:58 AM

    He's a good actor in general, and a great interpreter of his own work. Are there better actors? Of course. That doesn't mean that he's without talent.

  • THE BAND'S VISIT Opening This Fall at the Barrymore  Aug 7 2017, 02:02:07 PM

    I am disappointed that Daniel Stewart is not continuing with the production. To me, he was one of the standouts Off Broadway.

  • METEOR SHOWER, Starring Amy Schumer, Takes the Booth in November  Aug 7 2017, 01:18:44 PM

    People realize that Amy Schumer doesn't write most of her own show, right? Like, it's not a leap for her to do a scripted role.

  • METEOR SHOWER, Starring Amy Schumer, Takes the Booth in November  Aug 7 2017, 11:45:18 AM

    frogs_fan85 said: "I must be the only person on this board who likes Schumer.



    I like her too. I think she'll surprise people.

  • METEOR SHOWER, Starring Amy Schumer, Takes the Booth in November  Aug 7 2017, 11:40:08 AM

    I assume that the majority of Benanti's concerts, especially the ones occurring during preview period (she has one currently scheduled for the third night of previews), will be rescheduled or cancelled. This kind of thing happens more frequently than one might realize.