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Birthday: 3 - 28
Gender: Male
Location: New York, NY
Occupation: Art Director
Profile: "...give me one more, please." - Bob Fosse

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Favorite Performer(s): Christian Borle

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  • Bette demands bow of silence!  Sep 25 2017, 07:30:09 PM

    I wish this social media block was also given to the ladies of WILL & GRACE.  Boy, have they embraced Instagram and now that Debra Messing learned how to post Instagram Stories, the **** has gone crazy.  Debra and Megan (Mullally) need to just take a breather.  Seriously ladies.  

  • THE  Sep 25 2017, 04:15:17 PM

    Also of note, Garland was only 47 when she died in 1969.  Yes, the substance abuse took its toll on her physically as she looked almost 2 decades older.  Crazy to think that frail little old and manic Judy was only about 41-42 when she had THE JUDY GARLAND SHOW on CBS TV in 1963-64.   

  • THE  Sep 25 2017, 01:31:49 AM

  • THE  Sep 25 2017, 12:48:32 AM

    Garland reinvented herself by turning into a concert performer so she definitely would have known how to perform the role on stage having only acted in films her entire career.   

    Sadly, all the reasons why she never played MAME on Broadway were fully validated pre-MAME as her concert appearances were hits and misses with her attendance.  

  • Andrew Keenan Bolger Is Engaged!  Sep 24 2017, 09:43:16 AM

    I agree with the above.  The younger gay couples who marry all end up in divorce.  Not being bitter here but every single young gay couple i know who married (and some with adopted kids) ended up miserably divorcing.   Even celebrity gay marriages from Rosie O'Donnell, Cheyenne Jackson to Melissa Etheridge.   Things change once that legal document is signed.   Seems only the older gay couples who've been together decades endure the romance of it all.  

  • Samantha Barks  Sep 22 2017, 01:32:28 PM

    Aside from her being mentioned constantly on this board, I have NO clue where this actress came from.  Everyone swears she's the next big thing but no one aside from this board knows who the hell she is.  Yes, she was in the film adaptation of the musical LES MISERABLES and was in Hollywood Bowl's CHICAGO but aside from seeing her in these 2 things, I still have no idea why everyone toots this girl's horn.  No one knows who she is nor cares, really.  

  • Sammy Davis, Donna McKechnie and Michael Bennett  Sep 21 2017, 09:43:48 PM

    David Winters.  The go-to choreographer in the 1960s for both TV and films AND is the man who taught niteclub singer-turned actress Ann-Margret how to fake dance (her words) in all her films.  She never has considered herself a dancer even though she has danced extensively in her career.  

  • Dirty Dancing goes Non-Equity  Sep 21 2017, 05:17:09 PM

    I saw the Broadway National Tour

    Huh?  DIRTY DANCING was never on Broadway.   

  • Original Broadway Rent Cast Photo  Sep 20 2017, 03:32:57 PM

    It's best to ignore Brody, he acts like an arrogant know-it-all but is almost always wrong.

    Spot-on and perfectly stated.  Gracias!   

  • Original Broadway Rent Cast Photo  Sep 19 2017, 12:21:18 AM

    Sweets, you're providing candid photos.  He's looking for a professionally shot in studio portrait of the entire cast.  I believe the one I posted is it.  It appeared in VANITY FAIR.  

  • Jackie Hoffman's Tweet about Not Winning the Emmy  Sep 18 2017, 03:06:08 PM

  • Original Broadway Rent Cast Photo  Sep 18 2017, 10:01:49 AM

  • Any have a 9 to 5 Cast Recording they want to sell?  Sep 17 2017, 08:53:45 PM

    A free download of it is easily obtainable by searching online.  He wants a physical CD of the originally released CD.  

  • What should I wear to callbacks?  Sep 13 2017, 02:21:28 PM

    Would it be suitable to wear a leotard, leggings, and my jazz shoes?

    I would definitely include a headband.  It'll pull focus on you and single you out. 

    Good luck! 

  • Dan Butler Steps in for Leslie Jordan in WARHOLCAPOTE  Sep 7 2017, 06:24:19 PM

    Hopefully Leslie had to withdraw due to a possible return to WILL & GRACE which is currently in production.  Seems everyone is returning to the reboot of the series and reprising their original roles, from Harry Connick Jr, Minnie Driver to Bobby Canavale.  Here's hoping he's back too.  

  • What is next at the Shubert?  Sep 6 2017, 01:01:32 PM

    HELLO, DOLLY! will turn into another delicious show which will have a nice healthy run filled with 3-month stints featuring a roster of interesting stunt casting choices, like the 1998 Broadway revival of CABARET had as well as the early years of the CHICAGO revival.  Many actresses/actors who would LOVE to do the show but already are committed to TV or film projects so 3 months or less fits their schedules.  

  • On Your Feet Tour  Sep 6 2017, 12:34:04 PM

    So Alma Cuervo is the only principal original Broadway cast member who will be part of the tour recreating her Abuela role.  I'm surprised Ana Villafane wasn't selected to do the Miami dates of the tour.   

  • Was Great Comet filmed for later viewing?  Sep 3 2017, 07:07:19 PM

    Bob Fosse is one that refused all requests to film document his shows.  His reasoning is that they needed to be experienced live in a theatre as they were intended.  

    Lucky enough, his choreography was notated in full by his dance captains so they were documented.  These notations were a savior when they were developing the revue FOSSE in the late 1990s.   

  • Can Somebody Please Cast Jessica Vosk as Fanny Brice?  Sep 3 2017, 07:01:30 PM

    She'd NEVER headline FUNNY GIRL on Broadway.  Regionally or at a community theatre?  Absolutely.  

    Heck, the announced 2012 Broadway revival starring Lauren Ambrose and Bobby Canavale and directed by Bartlett Sher was cancelled because they couldn't get investors.  Jessica Vosk's name wouldn't even make it on the list if this was considered again.   

    And for the record, Barbra Streisand wasn't unknown when she was cast in the ori

  • Which original casts have you seen?  Sep 3 2017, 04:16:27 PM

    Between 1972 (when I saw my first show on Broadway at age 7: original cast of PIPPIN) to last month, I've lost count.

    Let's just say, I've seen the original Broadway cast of every legendary show since 1972.