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Birthday: 8 - 2
Gender: Female
Favorite Show(s): Beauty and the Beast

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  • Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  Jul 13 2012, 12:43:45 PM
    I can't believe my school is doing Chicago next year. I'm so excited to work on it though!
  • FREUD'S LAST SESSION Closing 7/22  Jul 10 2012, 10:57:18 AM
    So I guess the 22nd really is Freud's last session! HA!
  • How important is merchandise to your theatre experience?  Jul 7 2012, 04:21:36 PM
    It used to be extremely important recalling how much money I spent on Wicked and Legally Blonde merchandise. Now that I'm getting closer to my professional career, I've resorted to just buying the program and sometimes a cup. And the playbill is always a great momento as well.
  • How often do you go to the theatre?  Jul 4 2012, 04:58:43 PM
    Not as much as I would like to but every chance I get.
  • What Is Your Favorite Choreographed Show?  Jul 4 2012, 04:55:46 PM
    Anything Goes, Billy Elliot, A Chorus Line, Chicago
  • MAGIC MIKE the Broadway show??  Jun 29 2012, 01:40:13 PM

    I actually think I'd prefer the Full Monty and that's saying a lot.
  • Is it just me or has it turned into Survivor: Broadway Edition!  Jun 27 2012, 07:09:05 PM
    I'm still trying to figure out how Spiderman has managed to hold out. It makes absolutely no sense.
  • Dream Revivals?  Jun 25 2012, 02:00:54 PM
    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Les Mis
  • Billy Ray Cyrus as Billy Flynn in Chicago  Jun 25 2012, 01:57:23 PM
    Don't give them anymore bad ideas by suggesting the Kardashians! GEEZ!! And knowing that Billy Ray is going to be doing this makes me even more happy to know that I saw John O'Hurley play Billy.

    When my school does Chicago next year, I guarantee whoever we have play Billy will be a million times better.
  • New Poll: What Soon-to-Close Musical Do You Wish You Could Save?  Jun 22 2012, 04:50:47 PM
    That was a tough poll. I chose Anything Goes even though it was supposed to be closing. There hasn't been a production like that in a long time.
  • Why Jesus Christ Superstar Failed  Jun 22 2012, 04:44:43 PM
    They're performance at the Tony's gave me a migraine
  • Will we ever see MAME on broadway again?  Jun 18 2012, 02:01:44 PM
    Yes I hope not too
  • Most boring musicals  Jun 16 2012, 02:32:58 PM
    Fiddler on the Roof (Ironically that was my first Broadway show) some of Phantom, Singing in the Rain and I used to think Les Mis was boring but I don't anymore. Oh and A Little Night Music, even though I saw Bernadette Peters. She was the best part.
  • No Memorial tribute on Tonys  Jun 16 2012, 02:20:55 PM
    I agree hasn't it been televised ever since the first Tony Awards??
  • Anything Goes Closing August 5th  Jun 14 2012, 09:45:46 AM
    Why does it have to be right after my birthday? So sad. I love this show so much. Well I have had a De-Lovely Anything Goes filled year. Bon Voyage!
  • GODSPELL to Close on Broadway June 24  Jun 13 2012, 02:37:50 PM
    That's a shame. It was such a fun afternoon of theatre. I enjoyed it very much and I am glad I could see it, especially with Hunter
  • Tonys discussion thread  Jun 11 2012, 11:06:43 AM
    I was generally quite pleased with the Tony's for the most part. I was especially happy that ONCE won. Neil Patrick Harris was again quite perfect. I thought the performances by ONCE and Newsies were two of the best performances of the night and I was also glad they aired the LEs Mis trailer. It was good they showed some show commercials.
  • Favorite Song on Broadway?  Jun 9 2012, 11:52:42 AM
    This question is too hard to answer. So many amazing songs.
  • Tony nominee trivia  Jun 9 2012, 11:50:10 AM
    Cool beans. Leap of Faith has set a lot of records apparently
  • If you could have a tie in any category for the 2012 Tony Awards...  Jun 8 2012, 01:53:53 PM
    Yes we need a poll for this. Count me in for Once and Newsies as well.