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  • HBO's 'The Normal Heart': Your Thoughts  May 27 2014, 01:50:49 PM
    Catherine Chadwick is the name of the actress who played Albert's mother.

    Thank you. Without words, she conveyed so much.

  • HBO's 'The Normal Heart': Your Thoughts  May 27 2014, 12:45:58 PM
    I have not seen the play nor did I know a thing about this cast. I had only heard mention of it passingly on the board, so I downloaded it. I am still processing it.

    The moment that rocked me to the core was the wailing mother, loading the body of her child into the backseat of her car.
  • Tales Of The City  Nov 21 2013, 01:55:11 PM
    Betty Buckley did the original workshop.
  • Tales Of The City  Nov 21 2013, 01:14:24 PM
    Is it not DOA? I would have kicked a puppy to see Betty Buckley as Anna Madrigal.
  • full Tony telecast online?  Jun 10 2013, 04:42:34 AM
    It's up on Pirate Bay.
  • Unique Alice Ripley Collectible  Jan 18 2013, 06:41:04 PM
    That wouldn't even be remotely paying anything forward. That's trying to get your money back from an impulse buy after disappointing results.
  • Law & Order  Jan 13 2013, 06:22:44 PM
    Sara Ramirez played two different characters on SVU.

    Sieber did a skit at Don't Quit Your Night Job in which he practices for his L&O audition. Apparently, it wasn't that he'd never auditioned. He just never got cast.
  • Why have they never made a movie of Les Miserables?  Dec 11 2012, 05:59:03 PM
    They are starting production after Wicked: A New Movie is finished. Lea can play all the womens.
  • When Was Broadwayworld's Golden Age?  Dec 8 2012, 02:47:32 PM
    Wasn't BeerGoogles the one that announced poor Brenden's demise?
  • When Was Broadwayworld's Golden Age?  Dec 8 2012, 01:28:59 PM
    While not the golden age (since those days have been addressed), there are things I miss.

    I miss the great nemesis duos, like Namo vs. Rath.

    I miss papalovesmambo just getting a wild hair and doing whatever he could to get suspended for a while.
  • Good Luck At NYADA, Rachel Berry!  Sep 14 2012, 06:46:41 AM
    Whomever is handling her reality show now needs to be fired. That was pure drivel.
  • Does anyone know Barbara Cook well enough to ask who her surprise guests will be on October 18 at Carnegie Hall?  Sep 5 2012, 10:14:45 AM
    It's Barbara Cook. Who CARES who the guest stars are? Barbara. Cook.

    I called her and she said it was no one special, but that you should purchase tickets and give them to someone who doesn't care who it is.
  • Why Isn't The Cast Of Universal Pictures Upcoming Christmas Release of the Film Version of LES MISERABLES Performing At The Tony Awards?  Jun 5 2012, 09:10:21 PM
    Technically didn't RENT perform shortly after the movie came out in honor of the 10 anniversary?
  • How best to approach a new musical: cold or  Jun 5 2012, 08:56:37 PM
    I almost always go in spoiled unless we grab tickets day-of at TKTS or the box office. I get too excited about a show and want to know as much as possible. My most pleasantly surprising cold show was N2N. I knew I Miss The Mountains. Who didn't? But I didn't really know the story or the big twist. I normally see that stuff coming a mile away. Because of that, despite the show's flaws, it won me over. It was a true theatre experience and one of my favorites.
  • BWW Unveils Revolutionary DB Upgrade - Including Personalized News, Recommendations & More!  Jun 5 2012, 08:52:03 AM
    The new iPhone app is great, too. It's a lot easier to navigate and better visually. Is there any chance of implementing a "keep me logged in" feature? It's a pain to have to log in every time you relaunch the app and would like to post or comment.
  • New Board Design!  Apr 14 2012, 04:55:37 AM
    I don't mind it and do appreciate working out the glitches so fast. I am sure we'll all get used to it.
  • Shi*t NYC Theater Tourists Say  Apr 14 2012, 04:04:57 AM
    Those tourists who love and get giddy over the big budget shows that you think are garbage are a big part of why some of the smaller shows get a chance. Let them have their joy. Keep their money coming. Stop being pretentious a$$holes.
  • Bad Audience Behavior: Newsies cast member's family edition  Apr 11 2012, 05:30:10 PM
    You really want to get this kid fired, don't you?
  • EVITA should be Sara Ramirez  Mar 17 2012, 04:10:01 PM
    I saw recent photo of Sara from a fundraiser she's doing and she was pretty thin. Since her best friend died a few years ago, she's really been trying to get healthier. She did some interview that made it sound like she was, at least mostly, a vegetarian now.

    She also said Evita is her dream role. I am sure she'll be back on Broadway when GA tanks, which has to be soon.
  • Obama Appoints Monsanto's VP as FDA Senior Advisor  Aug 19 2011, 07:37:27 AM
    From your finger tips to Hilary's ears.