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Member Name: SporkGoddess
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Birthday: 8 - 4
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
AOL IM: PM if you want to know :D
Profile: I'm an absolute musical and opera nut.

Favorite Show(s): Coco
Floyd Collins
Jesus Christ Superstar
Miss Saigon
My Life With Albertine
She Loves Me
Side Show
Sweeney Todd
The Light in the Piazza
The Scarlet Pimpernel
West Side Story

Favorite Performer(s): Carl Anderson
Carolee Carmello
Audra McDonald
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Kelli O'Hara
Lea Salonga
Anthony Warlow
Colm Wilkinson

Currently Listening To: You name it!

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • MAMMA MIA! Film Sequel Set for Summer 2018 Release  Jul 13 2017, 11:52:06 AM

    Ughhh, not another movie musical for Amanda Seyfried. I'm forever bitter about her playing Cosette.

  • Most Vocally Demanding Roles  Jun 27 2017, 12:01:24 PM

    Francesca should be fine for any solidly trained soprano, IMO. 

  • Bandstand or Miss Saigon  Jun 23 2017, 03:43:54 PM

    Did you know that four times as many men than women commit suicide? That was surprising enough, but worse, white men have the highest rate compared to the rest of the races. If we're exploiting all non-whites and women, we're doing a lousy job of it.

    Actually, American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest suicide rates by ethnicity/race. Furthermore, although more men complete suicide, more women attempt it. Men have higher completion rates because they

  • Bitter Losers Tony Thread  Jun 11 2017, 11:07:59 PM

    I'm upset about Great Comet losing direction, score, and orchestrations.

  • THE OFFICIAL 2017 TONY AWARDS VIEWING THREAD  Jun 11 2017, 11:05:41 PM

    Ugh. Bette, some of us have to get up early for work tomorrow.

  • Brendon Urie in KINKY BOOTS - Reports  Jun 9 2017, 12:26:08 PM
  • ANASTASIA OBC Digital Release?  Jun 9 2017, 07:44:52 AM

    I really miss Dmitry's line in the movie "It was more a change of heart."

    'In A Crowd of Thousands' beautiful as it is, lacks a true connection between young Anastasia and young Dmitry. A bow in a crowd of thousands compared to saving her and working in the palace is pretty 'meh'.

    One thing that really annoys me about that plot change is that it results in Dmitry not having the music box from the beginning. In the movie, it makes sense

  • The moral ambiguity of Dear Evan Hansen  Jun 4 2017, 09:34:02 AM

    To add to Gaveston's point:

    I haven't seen the show, but I did want to bring up one thing, as someone who works in mental health and is involved in suicide research.  Depicting suicide in even a fictional story is a VERY dicey thing because of suicide contagion.  That's why 13 Reasons Why is getting so much flack. You have to be very careful about how you depict suicide in media because it actually can lead to increased attempts.  Obviously it's rare, but

  • Overrated Musicals Of The Last Ten Years  May 29 2017, 09:03:21 AM

    Babe_Williams - I thought that Ben Platt showed some vocal strain during his performance on Colbert's show, as well.  Glad that I'm not alone!

    I thought that Book of Mormon was extremely overrated.  It was an entertaining and enjoyable show, but that was about it.  I think the issue is that I was really familiar with Parker and Stone's other work, so none of the jokes were really that new or shocking to me.

  • Broadway Catastrophes: First Wives Club  May 24 2017, 09:04:31 AM

    Speaking as a huge fan of the movie, I also disagree with the OP's description of it. I think that it's definitely memorable, since I often see quotes or memes from it on the internet.  I think that a lot of people can relate to it, especially women.

    The musical adaptation, of course, is another story.

  • Is Aladdin Disneys worst show?  May 14 2017, 04:00:08 PM

    I actually hated the Lion King.  I think that the new songs are terrible, with the exceptions of "He Lives in You" and "Shadowland," and you may as well just watch the movie for the rest of it. The staging was cool but that's about it. 

    Aladdin seems pretty bad, too, though.

  • FOX doing RENT Live  May 13 2017, 11:36:59 AM

    I can attest that a lot of straight guys find Rachel Bloom sexy, my husband included.

  • NBC's next live musical...  May 11 2017, 07:49:29 PM

    Isn't Ten Commandments aired because of the Passover?

    Anyway, I'm not super excited about this.  I love JCS but there is already a movie and filmed stage productions that you can watch.  I wish they'd pick slightly less well-known shows.

  • BEN PLATT Profiled in the NY Times  May 10 2017, 05:11:38 PM

    My biggest takeaway is that he believes in pseudoscience. Egh.

  • Will Great Comet Take Best Score This Year?  May 9 2017, 07:31:08 PM

    I love Pasek and Paul but I just wasn't super impressed by DEH's score.  Meanwhile, Great Comet has one of the most interesting and complex scores I've heard in a long time.  I hope it gets Best Score.  I can't judge Best Musical because I haven't seen either show live.

    If this were, say, Dogfight instead of DEH, this would be a lot more difficult to decide for me.

  • AMELIE to close on May 21  May 9 2017, 08:11:33 AM

    IMO, the songs just ran together too much.  Many of my favorite shows have scores that people don't find catchy, so I don't think that'd be the root of the problem for me.  It's just that the songs from this show aren't memorable. There were only about a few that stuck in my memory - "Stay," "Goodbye, Amelie," and the one Nino sings when he's putting up those flyers. There was also a duet adult Amelie sang with young Amelie that

  • AMELIE to close on May 21  May 6 2017, 12:43:37 PM

    I also saw this show in LA and wasn't very impressed, which made me very sad because Amelie is one of my favorite movies.  I think that the creative team kind of missed what really worked about the movie and therefore missed the mark. The adaptation, IMO, focused on story and character elements that weren't really necessary while ignoring ones that were.  

    I had also been wondering lately why they were promoting "Times Are Hard for Dreamers" so hea

  • Is the Great Comet really that confusing  Apr 28 2017, 07:53:13 AM

    You can read the 70 pages as standalone but I think you lose a lot of context, especially the relationship between Natasha and Pierre.

  • BANDSTAND Reviews  Apr 27 2017, 05:50:35 PM

    From the NYT review:

    "Romance, record sales and a savvy contracts lawyer can fix trauma? Someone tell the V.A."

    I'm a PTSD therapist, and, actually, getting re-engaged back into activities that you previously enjoyed, as well as increasing social involvement, can be really helpful for PTSD.  Although I do get the point the critic is trying to make.

  • Small Musicals w Minimal Sets  Apr 27 2017, 05:21:04 PM

    I've recently fallen in love with Pasek and Paul's Dogfight, which is a small chamber musical.