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  • SWEET CHARITY Revival  Dec 4 2016, 03:38:08 PM

    richsmo said: "Brutal New Yorker review. Not even sure what to say. John Simon is probably smiling wherever he is. 



    There has been some kickback against this review as being "sexist".  Which I think is completely ridiculous--it's a bad review, but I doubt that Als, a critic who I only agree with sometimes, thought that Fun Home was well directed because it had a man and not a woman at the helm.  SWEET CHARITY Revival  Nov 15 2016, 02:25:49 AM

    darquegk said: "There's another thread on this board that tracked all the endings- I believe the earliest, Fosse ending was one where Charity kills herself, or ponders it at the end. This was allegedly the ending that inspired the "we need a happier ending" intervention that led to the Good Fairy.



    I know that suicide ending was brought up on this board before, but I refuse to believe it was ever used in any staged version--preview

  • NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Previews  Oct 21 2016, 03:44:04 AM

    Which is a bit frustrating if you really get into Tolstoy and discover his supremely weird and conflicting ideas about the place of women (I find War and Peace's first epilogue worth ignoring, where Natasha suddenly loses all her personality and acts as a mouth piece for Tolstoy , denouncing the fight for women's rights)

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Oct 21 2016, 02:50:28 AM

    Yeah--awful.  But I didn't have a huge prob with the cast one way or the other (except for the miscasting question)--it was just the overall tone that was so constantly completely off.  Jumping on the bed during Touch Me?  Is it meant to be more for kids or not--cuz from scene to scene I sure couldn't tell.  The whole half assed concept--so they go to the actual theatre we see at the start?  Or not?  It's kinda half staged that way and then not (I won

  • NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Previews  Oct 20 2016, 03:51:23 AM

    I haven't seen the musical yet, but love the cast album. I am failing to understand why some don't get why Natasha's involvement with Anatole would "ruin" her. Just because other female characters are shown as sexually wild?  Then again I love the novel and thanks to several classes have read it several times. Maybe anyone unsure should at the least rent the recent War and Peace miniseries (which covers this part better than some other adaptations) before watching i

  • Hello Again Movie Musical Filming  Oct 14 2016, 12:26:19 PM

    whatacharacter said: "bump



    On FB, LaChiusa implied it would be out at film fests etc early 2017. That was a few months back...

  • Three Horror Musicals That Flopped  Oct 4 2016, 10:36:13 PM

    Anyone who thinks Dracula the Musical was faithful to the book has not read the book. 

  • FALSETTOS Previews  Sep 30 2016, 11:01:37 PM

    GavestonPS said: "Williams was still rewriting STREETCAR when he died. Whatcha gonna do?



    DId he?  I certainly wasn't aware of that...  CAT on the other hand...

  • Imelda Staunton to Star as Sally in West End Follies  Sep 30 2016, 05:13:07 AM

    How I wish they could use the original book.  

    And this will be filmed at least for N America theatres as part ofthe regular NTLive cinecasts, won't it? (Though those done get DVD rights)

  • Phantom: Broadway vs US Tour  Sep 12 2016, 07:50:07 PM

    While I do actually like a lot of ALW's score, what makes Phantom work so well is that nearly perfect original Hal Prince/Maria Bjornson production.  Frankly, I wouldn't bother with the tour.

  • MOULIN ROUGE will be finally be a stage musical  Sep 1 2016, 05:26:28 PM

    What seems ages ago, Baz spoke about wanting to adapt this to the stage himself.  I can only assume he's washed his hands of it because he found no way to make it work on stage...

  • MOULIN ROUGE will be finally be a stage musical  Sep 1 2016, 04:13:47 PM

    I love the film, but as others have said, the actual plot is like an even less fleshed out La Traviata and a HUGE part of the appeal is the design, seeing those actors, and the way it's filmed (like Baz's technique or not, I think that can't be denied).  It's such style over substance that it becomes style as substance--I admit I find it moving in the end.  But NONE of that will carry over to the stage.  Maybe they can find some sort of stage equivalent/re-imagi

  • My Fair Lady Sydney previews  Sep 1 2016, 05:18:38 AM

    Galati is no slouch and I suspect directed most of it with Andrews offering input for the recreation. I am a sucker for recreations and that set is gorgeous to me--I wish they'd show one of the famous scene changes--in the Wouldn't it be Loverly clip you can clearly see it uses the two revolves. Though I wonder how much bigger the stage must be. 

  • My Fair Lady Sydney previews  Sep 1 2016, 05:11:53 AM

    I assume the high price is due to it being opera prices??  That's common in N America and England when opera companies do Broadway shows 

  • Barbra's ENCORE  Aug 31 2016, 08:59:09 PM

    Pm me and I'll try to help you out

  • What show are you surprised hasn't had a Broadway revival?  Aug 31 2016, 01:39:32 PM

    Huss417 said: "I actually saw The Knife. I remember picking up my tickets at the box office and asking the guy if it was as bad as I heard. He said  "Deplorable, Enjoy your Evening" :)



    And what did you think? Lol some of the reviews are actually not completely terrible lol (though I knew of the show, I actually didn't realize till now that it was by David Hare). Question about touring productions  Aug 31 2016, 12:53:14 PM

    I somehow was not aware of this for years, until I saw the equity tour of the Chorus Line revival in Van where the orchestra sounded great, but of course as is usual with the show, is hidden with a scrim over the pit. So I was shocked to see four orchestra members listed in the program and not more until a friend who worked at the theatre explained. (It was a ten day or so stop over.)

  • What show are you surprised hasn't had a Broadway revival?  Aug 31 2016, 12:38:58 PM

    newintown said: "I think that every flop play and musical with a transsexual character ought to be revived, because that alone would definitely make it a hit today.



    Yes, next year for its thirtieth anniversary, Mandy Patinkin should do a revival of his role in the clearly groundbreaking David Hare musical, The Knife. 


  • ONCE ON THIS ISLAND Returning to Broadway  Aug 30 2016, 07:56:13 PM

    Esther said: "EricMontreal22 said: "This is a great show but it closed at a loss originally when it moved from off to on Broadway where critics felt it got lost in the larger theatre and it never caught on with audiences. Similarly it failed in the West End despite them building a mini village for the theatre. I suppose with a big name attached it could build an audience (but Davenport doesn't really use big names does he?). 

    I could see it playing really

  • Barbra's ENCORE  Aug 30 2016, 07:30:18 PM

    lovebwy said: "The Broadway Album is wonderful and was an excellent primer for 12 year old me on Stephen Sondheim.

    Back to Broadway and Encore do not measure up. Whoever produced Broadway Album was far superior, IMO.




    As far as producers--Back to Broadway was mostly the work of David Foster who was ubiquitous of course for adult contemporary pop when it came out.  He did produce one track on the Broadway Album--