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Member Name: NoHSMisNotAMusical
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Birthday: 1 - 23
Gender: Female
Favorite Show(s): A...My Name Will Always Be Alice
Crazy For You
Crazy for You
Into the Woods
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Bernadette Peters

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  • Shows You Want to See Revived for the Very First Time  Nov 26 2013, 07:49:33 PM
    You're right, theatredk, I wasn't thinking.
  • Quirky musical suggestions?  Nov 26 2013, 06:18:51 PM
    I was going to say Zombie Prom as well! Very funny, very weird. And Ruthless! is great. Try out Avenue Q as well.
  • Shows You Want to See Revived for the Very First Time  Nov 26 2013, 06:14:17 PM
    I would love to see Forum or Crazy for You revived... not quite sure what directors.
  • New Phantom tour  Nov 22 2013, 11:29:08 PM
    Just what we need, a reminder of that movie! I know the original look for the Phantom was based off of Rudolph Valentino, and I just really like that look better.

    The thing that offends me the most is that they are claiming to use Maria Bjornson's designs, when they are clearly not.
  • New Phantom tour  Nov 22 2013, 07:42:18 PM
    The thing about Bjornson's original sets is that they were based on the Palais Garnier, the opera house where the book is set.

    Some of the costumes for the UK tour (which are apparently being used for the US version) were hideous! The Phantom has a bizarre Superman hairdo, the Il Muto ballerina costumes literally look like pillowcases, Christine's wedding dress is so plain, and the entire Masquerade sequence is bastardized. Instead of the crazy, lavish costumes that each have a differen
  • Why hasn't a caucasian Simba been cast?  Oct 20 2013, 04:10:57 AM
    I hate being PROVED WRONG! I don't want to DO MY RESEARCH
  • Why hasn't a caucasian Simba been cast?  Oct 20 2013, 02:48:49 AM
    Haha ^
    When rereading my comment, I noticed that
  • Why hasn't a caucasian Simba been cast?  Oct 20 2013, 02:44:44 AM
    Lions are native to Africa. White people came in and exploited it.
  • Why hasn't a caucasian Simba been cast?  Oct 20 2013, 02:43:10 AM
    Alexia Khadime, Lilli Cooper, Saycon Sengbloh, Dan'yelle Williams, Amaris Dupree and others would like to have a word with you, broadwaystar2. And a black actor playing a role originated by a white person is very different than vice versa.
  • Why hasn't a caucasian Simba been cast?  Oct 20 2013, 02:29:37 AM
    Because it's set in Africa, so why would there be white people?

    There are so many shows dominated by white people, leave this one alone.
  • Does Lola in kinky boots have to be played by an African American actor?  Oct 20 2013, 02:28:09 AM
    Jesus Christ.

    There is a precedent of a black actors playing Lola, so Lola should be black. There are enough roles with "Caucasian" or "any race" (meaning probably white) in the description out there, let black people have this.

    And this is not comparable to a non-white Billy Elliot or whatever.
  • Into the Woods Movie Cast  Aug 6 2013, 10:09:23 PM
    God is dead and we killed him.

    Is there any chance this movie could still fall through?
  • A Little Night Music Dream Cast?  Jun 12 2013, 09:53:20 PM
    I recently had some brilliant (in my opinion) casting ideas for either another A Little Night Music revival or movie remake. I was curious if anyone else had ideas.

    Desiree- Meryl Streep
    Fredrik- ???
    Madame Armfeldt-Maggie Smith (I know she's retired from the stage)
    Henrik- Hugh Skinner (he was Joly in Les Mis)
    Anne- Katie Hall
    Carl-Magnus- Hadley Fraser (I know he's playing it in a concert soon)
    Charlotte- Michelle Dockery
    Petra- Lauren Molina
  • Glee's Being Alive  Dec 8 2012, 01:59:29 PM
    The problem is Chris Colfer is a terrible singer.
  • UNFUNNY HuffPost Piece!  Oct 11 2012, 05:04:11 PM
    Yes, believe or not, your Julliard diploma does not double as "Get into Broadway Free" card.

  • miscast  Sep 28 2012, 09:18:02 PM
    Me this entire thread
  • Addams Family Question  Sep 28 2012, 09:13:16 PM
    I know the former national tour Pugsley understudy frequents the boards, (jetts27 or something) let's see if he shows up.
  • redeemed  Sep 12 2012, 04:02:05 PM
    Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd were not total flops. Both ran for over a year and had multiple cast changes.
  • Rachel York and Chuck Wagner in Anything Goes Tour  Sep 10 2012, 09:03:13 PM
    I'm very interested to add another signature to my Into the Woods playbill and the show isn't open anymore, so it's not like I can drive four hours to NYC and see it. I get that they want to expose the magic of theatre to everyone, but I think to show would make more in Boston or Philly than Bumhole, Arkansas.
  • Rachel York and Chuck Wagner in Anything Goes Tour  Sep 9 2012, 11:57:47 AM
    Wagner didn't use the same headshot for Into the Woods (I checked) but it is definitely not recent.