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  • Follies Movie Dream Cast  Aug 7 2014, 08:23:19 PM
    I'm surprised no one has brought up the idea of Goldie Hawn as Sally. She may be a bit too old now but she's a good singer, close to the right age, and may even be a draw. Steve Martin or Woody Allen as Buddy. Mia Farrow as Phyllis perhaps.
  • Roles they DIDN'T get....  Jun 30 2013, 11:07:23 PM
    Truman Capote based Holly Golightly heavily on Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn did want to play the part but sadly never got the chance due to the fact Monroe was signed to Twentieth Century Fox and was keeping the studio afloat financially they would not lend her out to paramount at the time.
  • Someone tell me, when is it my turn? - Angela Lansbury for Dame  Jun 14 2013, 10:16:47 PM
    I think you should all know it is the government that puts together the list of honorees each year and not the Queen herself. She may award the titles in a public ceremony but ultimately she is given a list by the government and generally gives her assent or otherwise denies it. Any possible Damehood for Lansbury is also quite political in nature, her grandfather was a former Labor Prime minister who came out against the first world war and in favor of the Russian Revolution who later became a s
  • Question About GLEE's  Apr 27 2013, 11:21:00 PM
    As to the person who questioned why someone would think they wre marrying below them if they married Gloria. In the Latin american community money and skin color play a very big role so if Glorias character came from a lower class background than the father and was darker then people would think the father had 'married beneath him.'
  • Adam Pascal as  Apr 6 2013, 12:38:54 PM
    Cabaret was the same thing they announced he was coming in for the final weeks.
  • Is Derek Will's character suppose to resemble Simon Cowell?  Mar 29 2013, 06:51:57 PM
    I always thought he was supposed to be Sam Mendes.
  • Ricky Martin As the Emcee in Cabaret  Mar 22 2013, 08:19:59 PM
    Martin also had political considerations to worry about when he played Che. Martin is a close friend of Argentine president Cristina Fernadez de Kirchner who is a wannabe Eva Peron figure in Argentina. Mrs. Krichner is also a very big fan of the movie version of Evita, due to its loving portrayal of Evita and came to see the revival in New York. You can't very well attack a friend every night during your job and for Martin that would have been what it would have been like to play a 'critical' ch
  • Possible Wicked film casting idea  Mar 10 2013, 08:48:26 PM
    Yes and I was quite disappointed with how little she sang in it. I enjoyed what I heard and am sure she would only improve if given the chance to become more familiar with the role. Why what was your impression Wynbish?
  • Possible Wicked film casting idea  Mar 10 2013, 05:19:43 PM
    My vote would go to Hilty as Elphaba for the movie rather than Glinda, I'd just like the opportunity to hear her sing elphaba for a change. I see why people want Gaga for Glinda both are the appearance in everything kind of thing going on while also searching for some kind of deeper meaning in all that glitter and glimmer, though there is no way Gaga could sing it, Amneris would be another story but not Glinda.
  • Most intelligent broadway actor  Mar 4 2013, 05:48:16 PM
    That's just Jane failing to adapt to the rigors of a high school class, plan what you are going to do to try to get a decent grade, recognize that you are having trouble, all those things show are signs of intelligence.
  • Most intelligent broadway actor  Mar 4 2013, 06:08:00 AM
    Of course an intelligent person can fail a class, but one also wouldn't fail it four times. That shows either a lack of intelligence and effort which after four times have be related in a t least some regard.
  • Most intelligent broadway actor  Mar 3 2013, 09:34:26 PM
    "What does that have to do with being intelligent?"

    It's a freshman high school class. Not brain surgery. She also mentions skipping most of her classes. So when it comes to book smarts I would doubt the Pone would be your gal. I'm sure she has extensive knowledge of music, acting, and theater politics but if she can't do a simple X= equation my opinion of her intelligence is naturally low.
  • NBC's SMASH, Season 2 --  Feb 27 2013, 06:34:52 PM
    I don't get the criticism of the use of "Broadways sweetheart". We do still have them even if we are ourselves don't call them that. The critics do and they may themselves in a snarky way like Veronica does. I think they were trying to convey how she was the Sutton Foster of the smash universe.
  • Megan Mullally turns down Sally in Nunn's FOLLIES....  Feb 23 2013, 09:49:28 AM
    I think she could do any of the main female roles in follies if she wanted. Have any of you seen season six of Will and Grace when Stan goes to Jail? In it Megan got to do some pretty hard hitting scenes that focused on Karens loss and loneliness after Stan was gone and how painful it was to lose him. Very Sally indeed.
  • Brilliant Missed Casting Opportunities  Feb 16 2013, 04:19:05 PM
    Shirley Maclaine as Mame in the stage play or musical.
  • Into the Woods Movie Cast  Feb 10 2013, 12:06:43 PM
    Do you think there is any hope of someone like Laura Benanti or Michelle Dockery as the Bakers wife. Both aren't mega stars but are on successful tv shows.
  • Brilliant Missed Casting Opportunities  Jan 19 2013, 09:30:44 PM
    Patsy Cline as Nelly Forbush in South Pacific.
    Patsy Cline as Julie in Show Boat. (she was going to record Can't help lovin' dat man for her next album.)
    Patsy was thinking about recording an album of show tunes and standards before she died and it's just terrible that she didn't get the chance.
  • Into the Woods Movie Cast  Jan 14 2013, 03:38:15 PM
    I would love to see someone like Tina Fey or Elizabeth Banks as the Bakers wife. Paul Rubb or Will Ferrell as The Baker. I could see the Witch going to anyone though I do wish they would give it to Megan Hilty.
  • Best Les Miz Summary Ever  Jan 1 2013, 01:47:40 PM
    Also when it comes to Marius and Cossette I think we forget one simple fact. They're teenagers, nothing teenagers do makes any sense to anyone even them.
  • Best Les Miz Summary Ever  Jan 1 2013, 12:16:10 PM
    Well Valjean got rich so....