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Birthday: 4 - 3
Gender: Male
Occupation: Master of all I survey
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Avenue Q
City of Angels
Grey Gardens
Sweeney Todd

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  • What is happening lately?  Mar 13 2017, 04:29:33 PM

    I left for basically the same reason as Kad.

    I do check in though, there are just very few threads that interest me.




  • Composers who aren't great musicians?  Feb 7 2017, 12:10:20 PM

    Harvey Schmidt can't read music.



  • Dear Evan Hansen Cast Album  Feb 3 2017, 06:23:49 AM

    It's a great recording.


    The score is not as woven through as some musicals so some of the story is lost on the CR, but I think enough of it is there to be able to follow it even if you know nothing about the show.


    One thing you really don't get is how painfully awkward (possibly on the spectrum?) Evan is.


  • A BRONX TALE Cast Recording?  Jan 19 2017, 05:58:47 AM

    It was recorded January 9th by Decca.


    Release late winter/early Spring.

  • A BRONX TALE Cast Recording?  Jan 5 2017, 10:41:47 AM

    gypsy101 said: "tazber said: "Can you just tell us what she said re: a cast recording so we don't have to sit through 20 some odd minutes?"

    that lady says yes



    Thanks gypsy!

  • A BRONX TALE Cast Recording?  Dec 30 2016, 07:29:07 AM

    Can you just tell us what she said re: a cast recording so we don't have to sit through 20 some odd minutes?

    Regardless, the show is a hit and I'd bet large sums of money that it will get a CR.


  • Show Name Help??  Dec 27 2016, 07:11:10 AM

    One of the worst shows I've ever seen.


    Some thing are best forgotten.

  • Falsettos revival cast album  Dec 20 2016, 01:00:02 PM

    I'm happy/sad about the new recording.


    It's great to have it all together on one recording. The cast is uniformly excellent. And any time there is a recording of William Finn's work I'm delighted.


    But I miss the Starobin orchestrations and I can't deal with that cheesy synthesizer.


    Good to have, but I'll always play the originals over this one.

  • Your thoughts on Little Shop Remake?  Dec 8 2016, 12:42:38 PM



    They should have saved this property for a live television broadcast.

  • The BWW Redesign of December 2016  Dec 8 2016, 10:43:28 AM

    Love it Rob!


    Great work!!



  • why no blu rays  Dec 6 2016, 06:53:31 AM

    I think it must be a financial issue. It costs more to produce BD's that it does DVDs and the price point for sales probably doesn't justify it.


    I'm bummed about it too.


  • What is the best recording of the King and I?  Dec 6 2016, 06:49:31 AM

    The one Smaxie posted a picture of.

  • When is Kelly Clarkson coming to Broadway?  Dec 6 2016, 06:48:03 AM

    She says she can't act, but I suspect with the right director she'd flourish. The way she invests herself in her music is evidence that she could do it.


  • The 50 best Broadway songs ever?  Dec 6 2016, 06:45:33 AM

    Yea, obviously no one is going to agree 100% with this (which is the point - to start a discussion), but this is a really good and well considered list.


  • Hamilton: The Mixtape (Remixes, Covers & Others)  Dec 6 2016, 06:42:56 AM

    bisonnette said: "Kelly Clarkson's "It's Quiet Uptown" is #43 on the Hot AC radio chart.



    Thanks! I was wondering about that. I actually thought it would debut higher.

  • Hamilton: The Mixtape (Remixes, Covers & Others)  Dec 6 2016, 06:41:59 AM

    I just love all the cut songs from the show.


    Cabinet Battle 3 shows once again how deft LMM is at taking reams of historical info and creating a dense three minute song that encapsulates all the nuance and complexity of the issue.

    Congratulations is just a great song. Renee didn't need that moment in the show, but I can't help thinking how amazing it would have been to have her sing it.

    I haven't been following the threads re: Clarkson's trac

  • Menken/Ahrens A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Dec 6 2016, 06:29:52 AM

    Jeffrey Karasarides said: "I wonder if this could be a possible choice for a live TV musical. Sure, this adaptation may not be the most famous, but at least everyone knows A Christmas Carol. I think they would also need the right cast to create some excitement around it.



    Great idea Jefferey!!!

    It worked so well as a huge show. It's perfect for a live version.

    And I'll say it again, the score is marvelous.

  • Menken/Ahrens A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Dec 2 2016, 06:51:30 AM

    It's a nice show, but the TV movie was wretched.

  • Favorite Active Musical Theatre Composer?  Nov 30 2016, 07:01:18 AM

    William Finn

    Tim Minchin

    Stephen Sondheim

    Alan Menken



  • Be More Chill  Nov 17 2016, 09:56:36 AM

    It's a great musical with a wonderful score.

    Michael in the Bathroom is an instant classic, and (I'll bet) soon to be an audition staple.

    I think this show will do really well regionally.