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  • Playing Nancy Groundhog Day?  Aug 15 2017, 03:48:51 PM

    So many people (obviously including the creators) coming up with justifications for this number. Unfortunately, no redux explanation will work. It's structurally wrong and calls attention to itself (luckily it starts the Act so it doesn't necessarily interrupt the flow).

  • What happened with the  Aug 15 2017, 03:44:43 PM

    I know. Would love to see Reba back on Broadway in this.

  • Riedel on more Comet Drama  Aug 9 2017, 02:24:51 PM

    SuddenlySeymour3 said: "The bottom line is that if COMET were a great show that connected better with Broadway audiences, it wouldn't be closing. 

    The admirable ambition of its complex score doesn't make it tuneful.


    Okay, I'm getting sick of this sh*t. And I know it's a matter of taste...but, among many many things "Comet" has going for it is an INCREDIBLE sense of melody! Much more melodic than Evan Hansen, G

  •  Aug 1 2017, 11:41:29 AM

    Does anyone know what happened to this site, or where it moved to. Unless my browser is screwing up it takes me to a page stating "This page is under development".

  • re: MERLIN - The Musical Flop...  Aug 1 2017, 11:36:01 AM

    I saw this on a college trip to NYC.  I don't remember much except this guy named Nathan Lane, on crutches (!) stealing every scene he was in (he played the comic son of the Evil Queen, Chita Rivera as the pre Authurian magician's arch nemisis).  I also remember a tiger "appearing" onstage but easily seeing how the trick was done...

  • Maybe, The Great Comet isn't closing in August 13  Aug 1 2017, 11:32:54 AM

    "I, for one, would pay good money to see Ewan McGregor in a musical. When I saw Moulin Rouge, I thought to myself, "Why isn't this man in musical theater?"

    Because he was HORRIBLE in the otherwise fairly good West End revival of "Guys and Dolls" (the rest of the cast was formidable: Jane Krakowski as Adelaide, Douglas Hodge as Nathan and Jenna Russell as Sarah). 

    Honestly he was so bad he soured me o

  • LITTLE SHOP Remanke starring Rebel Wilson and Josh Gad?  Jul 28 2017, 10:17:19 PM

    CallMeAl2 said: "Why not cast the new improved Josh Gad: Ben Platt?"


    I loved Gad in Book of Mormon. And his supporting roles. But a film with him as lead. Especially THIS remake?  I'm not sure I want to see that much of him.


  • BREAKING: Mandy Patinkin Withdraws from THE GREAT COMET  Jul 28 2017, 10:03:58 PM

    GeorgeandDot said: "The more I hear the more convinced I am that Oak's ego may have been too big to understand that he needed to leave in order for the show to stay afloat.  I really think that Oak may have personally sunk this show prematurely."

    ....did Okieriete Onaodowan kill your dog or something...?


  • BREAKING: Mandy Patinkin Withdraws from THE GREAT COMET  Jul 28 2017, 09:53:12 PM

    Can a show actually be at 97% capacity one week and be in danger of closing the next?


  • Mandy Patinkin to join THE GREAT COMET as Pierre for 3 week run!  Jul 28 2017, 07:55:52 AM
    I'm a little disappointed in Cynthia Erivo and her series of tweets about the recasting of African American actor Okieriete Onaodowan's Pierre for Mandy Patinkin. 
  • Really Rosie  Jul 23 2017, 02:44:52 PM

    "Eatin' chickent soup with rice..."

    I'm sorry. But that's all I remember of this show...

  • Sam Gold Hamlet  Jul 23 2017, 02:43:57 PM

    "I do have to say, regretfully, that Sam Gold doesn't seem to be a good director for women, as they were all surprisingly weak, possibly miscast?"

    I dunno. It sure seems you were making a broad, general statement and when someone called you out on the stupidity of it you basically tried to save face and backtrack....


  • I listen to Waitress more than Hamilton  Jul 23 2017, 02:30:32 PM

    "I'm not a pot stirrer, I like to discuss.  Isn't that why this board exists?  To discuss all things Broadway.  You don't need to act like a baby because someone has a different opinion.  Calm down, no one is trying to stir your pot."

    This paragraph proves distinctly you're a pot stirrer. Obviously you posted just so someone would disagree with you and you could respond thus.  How old are you?

  • Fathom Events:: Nathan Lane-Led ANGELS IN AMERICA anyone?  Jul 20 2017, 04:13:23 PM

    I saw this onstage back in May.  As good as other Roy Cohns have been (Rob Leibman and Frank Wood in especial) Nathan Lane is even, somehow, better.  I think it's his comic timing. Which is possibly the greatest America has to offer at the moment.  DO NOT MISS HIM. I see to be alone in not loving Andrew Garfield but James McArdle is the greatest Louis I have ever seen.

  • FREAKY FRIDAY  Jul 19 2017, 10:13:04 AM

    It's finished it's four city try-out. Has there been any word of it coming to Broadway? I know it's being developed as a TV movie musical for Disney, but the stage show is surprisingly good, a known title, and perfect family entertainment. It would be very surprising if it just disappears...

  • Love for David Carroll  Jul 19 2017, 10:01:23 AM

    I first encountered him as Bobby in York's mid-80's production of "Company" (Barbara Andreas and Lenny Wolpe also in the cast). Still the best sung Bobby EVER.  And the best sung Anatoly EVER. And the best sung Count in "Grand Hotel" EVER.  I keep waiting for a tenor as good to show up. It has yet to happen...not even close...

  • Some thoughts on the end of Assassins with JFK  Jul 14 2017, 02:16:45 PM

    "Something Just Broke" is not just about the JFK assassination.  It's characters, dressed in every assassinated president's era, sing about their particular president. All the presidents that have ever been assassinated. 

  • ASSASSINS coming to Encores Off-Center  Jul 14 2017, 02:04:03 PM
    Wonderful production (as most productions of the show to be).  The Menier is still the peak for me (followed immediately by the original at Playwrights Horizon).
    Obviously thrown together in a week (Encore productions are rarely tight, though that's part of the charm) it has some standout performances, such as Stephen Pasquale as a definitive John Wilkes Booth and Erin Markey, a rising star of the downtown alt cabaret scene as Squeaky Fromme. She und
  • Bette Midlers absence wallops box office.  Jul 11 2017, 07:56:52 PM

    RippedMan said: "The fact that it still grossed nearly a million is pretty darn great."

    I know. I honestly, originally thought the OP's title was ironic.

  • Black Billy (Carousel Revival)  Jul 11 2017, 07:52:59 PM

    wicked_beast4 said: "GavestonPS said: "With all due respect to wicked_beast4, I don't know where he got the following: "a man being forced by external perceptions into the role of "degenerate" and being trapped by that identity no matter how hard he sacrifices to try to transcend this lot (Billy))". I think it's true that Billy is a perennial outsider, but the idea that he is forced into the role of "degenerate" is more Genet than H