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Favorite Show(s): A Catered Affair
Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk
Caroline, or Change
Once On This Island
Pacific Overtures
Show Boat
South Pacific
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
The King and I
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The Most Happy Fella
West Side Story

Favorite Performer(s): Len Cariou
John Cullum
Dolores Gray
Angela Lansbury
Donna Murphy
Kelli O'Hara
Bernadette Peters
Robert Preston
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Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • GODSPELL to Close on Broadway June 24  Jun 13 2012, 04:01:47 AM
    I'm just surprised it took this long. Talk of low grosses and half-empty houses have plagued this show, but the producers certainly did their utmost to keep the show afloat. I know it's had its share of fans but, let's face it, this production of a very dated show was just a wee bit awful.
  • Was there a half decent performance at the Tonys last night?  Jun 13 2012, 03:53:31 AM
    Unfortunately, it was a lackluster show with some true misfires. The "Porgy and Bess" rush-hour medley was all fever-pitching crescendos with none of the subtle beauty of that music. "Nice Work..." wasn't and, as has been said, Broderick was clumsy and lackluster. I thought Danny Burstein did a nice job in the "Follies" number but out of context that song can seem non-sensical (the person sitting next to me kept asking "what's he doing?").

    I DO NOT think the "Newsies" number was go
  • TONYS -- NPH ratings?  Jun 13 2012, 02:40:42 AM
    I find his smug "aren't-I-just-the-greatest" shtick tiresome and off-putting. There is not an ounce of warmth or class in this guy....just empty show-biz narcissism. I like it when the host at least has some sincere love of the theater that comes through. NPH has some sincere love....but it's for himself, which ain't exactly a thrill.
  • Worst Tony Opening.......  Jun 12 2012, 04:16:56 AM
    I thought NPH was funny....once. That was years ago, but his smug, tongue-permanently-in-cheek shtick has completely worn out its welcome. And now that he's become so enamored with himself that he thinks everything he does is "so funny"....he's tiresome. That opening number was trying to hit a home run but I found it trying TOO HARD and didn't even snicker at the goings on. Not good. And can we please get NPH to stop the shtick about how gay the Tonys are....yeah, we got it the first time,
  • NPH Trying To Get Play Performances Featured On The Tony Awards  Jun 2 2012, 06:04:48 AM
    Excerpts from scenes is something that is no longer familiar to most audiences, though during the early years of television it happened all the time. Variety shows had both musical and non-musical scenes from Broadway shows often, since Broadway entertainment was still central to American culture in those days.

    I understand both arguments. Some of the more recent scenes I've seen have really fallen flat, but I'm sure there's a way to adapt the staging of a scene to TV in a way that ma
  • June is Bustin' Out All Over...  Jun 2 2012, 05:38:04 AM
    She was also in the play "King Hedley II" on Broadway with Brian Stokes Mitchell about 11 years ago. I think she earned another Tony nomination for that.
  • Was Nine's Win an Upset?  Jun 2 2012, 05:32:33 AM
    I lived in NYC back then and I remember "Dreamgirls" being the absolute talk of the town. I saw it in February '82 and thought it was stunning. It's Tony win seemed pre-ordained and then "Nine" came out of nowhere with rave reviews and long lines. "Nine" was touted as being superior in artistic achievement, which I think it was, and "Dreamgirls" was talked about in terms of staging and choreography. "Nine" was definitely a presence in the media, though. You didn't have to see the show to be
  • Anyone see the original  May 23 2012, 04:15:43 AM
    While I never saw the production, I had just moved to NYC right after this show opened and it was a big hit at the time. Tickets were hard to get and I wanted to see the original "Sweeney Todd " more anyway. I do remember, though, that there was a bit of talk about Lucie Arnaz not getting a Tony nod like Robert Klein, as she surprised a lot of people with her work in the show.
  • Michael Mckean struck by car on UWS  May 23 2012, 04:07:52 AM
    That's terrible for him and his family. I just hope he does well recovering, show or no show.
  • re: Morosco Theatre  May 19 2012, 04:59:31 AM
    I saw "Da" at that theatre in 1979. Brian Keith had replaced Barbard Hughes and he wasn't particularly good but I did enjoy the play.

    I remember thinking that the theatre was smaller than I'd expected, but then the only other BW theatre I'd been in at that point was the Uris (now Gershwin), which is huge. It seemed a bit run down at that point but had a lot of character and "ambience". As a new theater goer, I really got a sense that a lot of theater history had happened in that plac
  • Lansbury, Harris or Jackman - Which is the better Tony host?  May 19 2012, 04:42:20 AM
    I agree that it's a bit like apples and oranges, although I have tired of Harris's smugness over time. He's quite pleased with himself.
  • Trailers released for Andrew Rannell's and Laura Benanti's new shows  May 17 2012, 04:00:48 AM
    I assumed it was another version of "Modern Family" as soom as I read the premise, just like "Smash" is "Glee" in sheep's clothing. Isn't that what TV does best, recycle? I wasn't impressed with the trailers and I agree with those who don't think Rannell transfers well to TV. He seemed too "on" in the clip I saw. I also agree that the potential sentimentality factor could be problemmatic.
  • Non-Singing Roles that Were Nominated for a Tony  May 15 2012, 02:48:10 AM
    Barbara Barrie earned a nomination for the original "Company" without having any solo singing. On the OBC recording she has some dialog interpolated into a couple of songs and she does some ensemble singing, though her voice is not detectable in the chorus, because she's photographed singing at the microphone in the "Company" documentary.
  • George Rose won Best Actor in 1976?  May 15 2012, 02:36:04 AM
    George Rose was a popular figure in New York theater back then (he won again in 1986 for "The Mystery of Edwin Drood") but I do seem to recall that there was some surprise at his win in the press simply because Doolittle had always been considered a featured role.

    That was the year of "A Chorus Line", which had no lead actor in contention, and the original "Chicago", where I seem to recall Jerry Orbach was considered to be a front runner for the award that Rose ultimately won.

  • Picnic Coming to Broadway this Winter  May 11 2012, 04:17:56 AM
    That's interesting, EricMontreal22. I did not care for the movie version when I first saw it either but it grew on me enormously after more viewings. It's got some good acting (though I think William Holden is miscast) and I think it captures a sense of place and time. It's not visually dynamic, but we're talking Josh Logan here. Still, it made me interested in both the play and Inge.
  • Controversial Gay Plays  May 11 2012, 03:45:20 AM
    Controversial based on location of a production is different than controversial based on the year a play was originally written. I recall many years ago the plays "The Killing of Sister George", "Fortune and Men's Eyes" and, especially, "The Boys in the Band" receiving a lot of press for being controversial simply for existing. Later generations of plays may have had controversial reactions in segments, but it evolved over time to where it's not in wide swaths like it once was.

  • NY Times Tony Predictions Are Up  May 11 2012, 03:31:13 AM
    I would still choose Jan Maxwell in "Follies" who was simply terrific. What hurts her chances is that the show closed here months ago but I still thinks she is deserving. I know this opinion will be unpopular, but for me Audra McDonald is a chilly performer despite her vocal prowess.
  • Riedel: INTO THE WOODS getting closer to Broadway  May 11 2012, 03:23:04 AM
    My first thought when I read this thread's title was also that the point of THIS "Into the Woods" revival was producing it IN the woods, so to speak. So what's the point of a BW move?

    I suppose it comes down to money / marketing. The producers must think that with the players on board and a positive response there's money to be made in a transfer. But this show is done A LOT in regional and community theater. And the last revival ran for 9 months and lost a bucket of money 10 years
  • Darren Criss To Star In TV Version Of HOW TO SUCCEED  May 10 2012, 04:08:04 AM
    I hope Disney doesn't get their hands on this. Their stuff is so bland and sanitized. I would like to see it though, if this happens. HTSIB is a very entertaining show and it would be great to get a more faithful adaptation.

    I'm glad Darren Criss took this on too. He proved himself to be a real trouper. I'll admit that his vocals can be a bit wobbly at times, but he gave extra life to the show and brought some media attention to it. He knows his way around the TV medium so I'd lik
  • WAR HORSE To Take The St. James Theatre  May 10 2012, 03:58:03 AM
    If "War Horse" switches to a proscenium stage I'm sure they'll find a way to make it work. I saw the "Spelling Bee..." tour in Boston after having seen it twice on Broadway. While I did prefer Circle in the Square, it worked just fine with some minor adjustments on a different stage.

    Just a question...was the Speilberg movie that much like the show? I heard that it was based on the same true story but not on the play...kind of like the movie "The Elephant Man" back in 1980, which cam