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  • 1983 Sandy Duncan musical  Aug 22 2017, 01:25:02 PM

    I remember this when it opened because I was a huge Sandy Duncan fan after I saw her in PETER PAN (wasn't everyone?). I never saw the show, but I somehow remember seeing footage of her doing some flying ala PETER PAN, only with an airplane flying around her (with her husband in the airplane I think).  It did play Radio City and I think it might have even toured a bit. 

  • Ben Platt's last day in DEH is officially 11/19  Aug 15 2017, 01:34:10 PM

    Cheapest ticket on Stubhub for that date is $700 all the way up to $4,860.00.  And telecharge will not even load on my computer.  I wonder if it's related? 

  • Prediction: Ralphie in FOX's "A Christmas Story"  Aug 9 2017, 11:48:32 AM

    I am going to play "Carmac the Magnificent" ala the old Johnny Carson show. Here it goes. 
    Hudson Loverro? 
    Yes, Hudson Loverro. Open the envelope please. 
    It says, "Who will play Ralphie in the FOX TV version of "A Christmas Story"? 
    (Can you tell I've got "A Christmas Story" on the brain??) 
    What I know about Hudson: 1. He played younger brother Randy in the Papermill Playhous

  • DEH Question (Spoilers Maybe?)  Aug 8 2017, 03:10:51 PM

    I think of a spoiler as something that ruins a "Surprise" plot twist in a story. I don't think Connor's suicide qualifies.


    Possible examples (SPOILERS obviously): 

    In Dear Evan Hansen, Evan broke his arm in a failed suicide attempt.

    Gabe is already dead in NEXT TO NORMAL and only exists in Diana's head.

    Ned Stark loses his head at the end of season one. 

    The PLANET OF THE APES is really a futuristic Earth.

  • Les Miserables Tour 2017  Jul 24 2017, 05:09:57 PM

    Originally, the 25th Anniversary staging did not let us see the death of Gavroche; it all happened on the other side of the barricade, out of sight of the audience.  It was followed by one of the characters yelling out, "Nooooooo!" which actually generated laughs from the audience the night I saw it.  Anyone who saw the original staging knows how powerful that death was; to go from that to snickers is not good.  For the Broadway revival that just played the Imperial t

  • Sandy Duncan talks PETER PAN with Dick Cavett  Jul 13 2017, 11:19:37 PM

    It's amazing the things you find on YouTube.  Here is an interview with Sandy Duncan during her Broadway run as PETER PAN (which happened to be my first Broadway show ever).  It even includes some backstage footage of her filming the "I Love NY" commercial.  Towards the end they talk about the inclusion of wireless microphones on stage. 


  • Favorite Broadway Musical Flops?  Jul 9 2017, 12:11:11 PM

    I really enjoyed THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER when I took my kids to see it.  It had a very appealing cast and the set design by Heidi Ettinger was beautiful.  The chase through the caves at the end was quite brilliant.  Very enjoyable show. 

  • Theatre Related Gift Shops in Times Square  Jul 2 2017, 11:30:05 AM

    That was one of my favorite stores! I never made a trip to NYC without visiting that store.  They had the best selection of window cards and souvenir programs to old Broadway shows.  I was disappointed to see that it was gone. 

  • Stars reviving their iconic roles.  Jun 26 2017, 04:04:21 PM

    Don't forget Richard Burton returned to the role of King Arthur in CAMELOT back in the 80s, until his health caused him to leave the role at which point Harris stepped in. 

  • Casting TV's "A Christmas Story"  Jun 25 2017, 06:52:36 AM

    I would love to see Erin Dilly and John Bolton reprise their roles from the Broadway production, especially since Bolton has such a long history with the show.  He was a part of it before Pasek and Paul.  

    I imagine they will go with a well known name for Miss Shields, though it is hard to think of someone who could belt "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" and tackle that number's tap dancing.  And I wonder how big Luke Spring is now.  He would probab

  • replacements  Jun 18 2017, 11:19:58 AM

    Laurie Beechman over Betty Buckley as Grizabella in CATS.  And the fact that Beechman was asked to return to the role numerous times over the show's run would indicate that Lloyd Webber liked her better as well. 

  • good roles for a teenage boy?  Jun 4 2017, 10:50:52 AM

    If you are a tenor that suggests that your voice has changed so roles like Oliver Twist or Young Patrick of Billy Elliot would not work for you.  There is an awkward period in a young actor's age where they are very hard to cast.  Too old to play a child but too young to play an adult.  I would think that Scut Farkus in A CHRISTMAS STORY would work for you.  Dodger in OLIVER! would also be a good role though again, it is a hard role to sing if your voice has changed (t

  • If You Were to Revive a Revival...  May 29 2017, 03:27:47 PM

    I would love to see the Hytner CAROUSEL again.  The announcement of another revival of CAROUSEL makes me incredibly nervous as I simply can't imagine CAROUSEL being done better than Hytner did (though I am hoping). 

  • La LuPone gives her unvarnished opinion of Donald Trump  May 22 2017, 09:39:30 PM

    *Donald Trump on "60 Minutes":  

    Leslie Stahl:  Do you support marriage equality?

    Trump: It's irrelevant. Because it was already settled.  It's law.  It was settled in the Supreme Court.  It's done.   These cases have gone to the Supreme Court, it's settled and I'm fine with it. 

    *In the 1980s & 1990s Trump donated heavily to charities that focused on the AIDS outbreak.

    *When he floated a thi

  • La LuPone gives her unvarnished opinion of Donald Trump  May 22 2017, 04:29:41 PM

    If that is an example of Patti Lupone speaking her mind, she must have  a very small mind.  I would not call that a reasoned, articulate, logical and well thought out criticism of Pres. Trump. 

    And for those of you who call Trump a homophobe and say that he hates gay people, you do realize that he was in favor of gay marriage long before Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama changed their position for political expediency, right?



  • NEWSIES digital download question  May 20 2017, 06:17:57 PM

    Bonus Features

    20 bonus features available with purchase, including:

    • Episode 1: Return to Rehearsals
    • Episode 3: Filming Begins
    • Episode 5: Live Capture Film Day!
    • Episode 4: Lights. Camera. Action.
    • Episode 2: Return to the Stage
    • “Watch What Happens”
    • “Finale”
    • “Santa Fe”
    • “The World Will Know” (Reprise)
    • “Brooklyn’s Here”
    • Fox's next show - A Christmas Story  May 12 2017, 04:37:22 PM

      I absolutely fell in love with this show when I saw it on Broadway.  I was never a big fan of the movie so I was a bit disappointed when my kids chose this show over MATILDA to see (we ended up seeing both because I really wanted to see MATILDA).  I was not prepared for how much I liked ACS.  I just remember having a huge smile on my face through the whole thing.  And then there were those moments that I found emotionally moving which I was never able to find in the film.

    • Secret Garden Revival?  May 4 2017, 07:39:27 PM

      Just from looking at the video footage (which may not be the best metric) I would agree that the production in Denver looks far more compelling. 

    • Next for Frank Wildhorn?  Apr 20 2017, 08:30:00 AM

      How could Wildhorn be "on par" with ALW?  ALW has had two of the most successful musicals in history, CATS and PHANTOM.  In addition to other major hit shows like JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR, EVITA, and JOSEF.  He has also won numerous Tony and Olivier Awards and an Oscar.   Wildhorn has not achieved anything like this.  So again, how can Wildhorn be on par with ALW? 

    • Who will replace Ben Platt  Apr 18 2017, 09:32:10 PM

      First off I agree with those who say that DEH will survive long after Platt's departure.  The show is phenom similar to HAMILTON, which survived Lin'-Manuel's loss. 

      Second, I think Platt will most likely extend after November.  He will have a Tony and will be able to demand a LOT more money which will be an incentive for him to stay (and the Tony will be an incentive to the producers to meet his price).  

      I think Andrew Keenan-Bolger would have m