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  • re: Is This Legal?  Dec 21 2008, 12:55:36 AM
    Are you going to use the money to buy other tickets? And after you get Liza's kidney you could go and try to get another one from a different show too.
  • re: Is this legal?  Dec 19 2008, 11:42:47 PM
    Not to give support to the idea, but people do it all the time. It is not illegal as long as you are a "small volume" scalper. (I dont know what the exact number is but a pair of lotto tickets would not qualify you a large volume scalper) However like previously mentioned you can not be within 500 feet of any public entrance (the front of the theatre). So if your going to do it, go stand by the TKTS booth.

    There was a thread a long time ago about when Jersey boys had rush there were 2
  • re: SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW reviews...  Dec 8 2008, 11:49:38 AM
    The show cant cost very much to produce. Cast of 11, small crew, no set. If they come close to selling out the small theatre they can probably make a decent amount of their money back. Also you have to remember that this wasnt staged just for a 5 week holiday broadway run (see Grinch) but rather as just another stop on their 20+ (read: 20 years of Slava and his clowns not this particular show) year journey around the world. Im sure some stops make money and some lose money, but you have to consi
  • re: SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW reviews...  Dec 8 2008, 12:24:52 AM
    Just got home from the opening and after show events. It was well... different. I dont know how to explain my feelings other than it was very unusual. To quote the word of mouth people, I wouldnt go out of my way to see it.

    This is a show where I would recommend rear orchestra seating. You can see everything fine and you dont become "part" of the show.
  • re: Lennon the Musical - In Yiddish!  Sep 10 2008, 11:18:47 PM
    Maybe it would be better than it was in english?
  • re: Best Time for Broadway on Broadway  Sep 10 2008, 08:22:15 PM
    You can see hear from anywhere. They set up giant speaker and screens. They have pens set up back to about 47th Street (The stage is on 43rd). The front pen fills up really quick and so on and so on. Some people would rather stand farther back and be right up front in the pen against the barricade rather than the back of a pen closer to the stage. But like I said if you want a really good spot where you can see the stage be prepared to get their early. If watching on the screens is ok with you,
  • re: Best Time for Broadway on Broadway  Sep 10 2008, 07:43:08 PM
    Do you want to be in the front section and be able to see the stage? 6 or 7.

    If your content with standing farther back and listening/watching the giant screens, anytime.
  • re: Anyone have a Blood Brothers (Broadway) Playbill?  Sep 8 2008, 01:06:00 PM
  • When did Stagedooring become a necessity?  Sep 8 2008, 12:48:02 PM
    **This ended up being a lot longer than I expected so read through it if you want to hear my thoughts and observations on the semi-recent rise in the popularity of stagedooring

    It seems nowadays, more so than ever before, stagedooring has become a necessary part of the experience of theatre. People come to the theatre visit the box office to buy a ticket, get that ticket scanned to enter, have an usher point in the general direction of your seat, sit and watch for 2 hours, stand and a
  • re: Legally Blonde's last performance Jan 4th?  Sep 7 2008, 03:26:15 PM
    Isnt the first Sunday in January a typical closing date ?
  • re: RENT - ONE FINAL PERFORMANCE TICKET - SEPT. 7th SOLD OUT!!!  Sep 7 2008, 01:06:22 PM
    Hes also achieved Chorus Member status in less than 24 hours so perhaps hes on his way towards fitting the stereotype. (NOT a JOKE)
  • re: boeing boeing. There is no understudy for rylance. What happens?  Sep 7 2008, 01:01:29 PM
    They preform the show without anyone in the part. During his lines the rest of the cast looks awkwardly at the audience.

    The show must go on.
  • re: 20 for 20  Sep 7 2008, 12:35:13 AM
    its 20 at 20
  • re: Chat?  Aug 5 2008, 11:37:50 PM
  • re: chat  Aug 4 2008, 12:07:31 AM
    Whos still up?
  • re: If The Hellinger Became A Theater Again, Who Should It Be Named After  Aug 4 2008, 12:03:51 AM
    While Im not a huge fan of naming theaters after critics I agree with FOA in saying that it should reopen as the Hellinger.
  • re: Anyone here religious?  Aug 3 2008, 03:47:48 PM
    1 of many:
  • re: Anyone here religious?  Aug 3 2008, 03:12:11 PM
    For more info on the Hellinger search. I know that I have answered these questions several times before, and I cant imagine how many times Smaxie has answered them.
  • Some Different Thoughts On “Some Americans”  Aug 3 2008, 02:14:57 PM

    Everything Ive read and heard both on this board and elsewhere about Some Americans Abroad was for the most part negative, so I decided to check it out before its final bow.

    I caught the show yesterday and I believe it sold out. It was also a closed captioned performance so the text was on a small monitor on the left side of the stage.

    I found the play fascinating from the opening scene. The blend of literary history and political science had me instantly believing that th
  • re: Broadway aisle seat pricing  Aug 1 2008, 01:04:53 PM
    Was it illegal for airlines to charge fat people double? No.