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  • Will we ever see a Lincoln Center Oklahoma! revival?  Jul 16 2017, 02:24:59 PM

    How is the Ado Annie subplot any more trivial than any other comic foil character subplot in any musical from the Golden Age or after… Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, Carrie in Carousel, Ilona in She Loves Me, Lois Lane in Kiss Me Kate, Hedy in How to Succeed… I don't understand how, all of a sudden, Oklahoma! is not worth reviving. Have most of the contributors reacting negatively to a revival of this piece not seen Trevor Nunn's 1998 revival at least on film? I thought the

  • ASSASSINS coming to Encores Off-Center  Jul 14 2017, 12:14:13 PM

    It's such a shame she doesn't get more leading lady opportunities. I'd love to see her do Adelaide now, along with Mame, Dolly, Lovett, Rose, Desiree. But no, instead of this, we just see her play the Grandmother role in everything. Oy! 

  • National Theatre: Follies image  Jul 14 2017, 11:17:28 AM

    Didn't Victoria Clark wear an aqua/green dress for the LA transfer of the last Follies revival? After Bernadette had worn a pink dress for the Broadway production… I never understood that since she sang the line 'I should have worn green…' To me it was like yes Sally is utterly deluded because she is actually wearing green. 

  • Will we ever see a Lincoln Center Oklahoma! revival?  Jul 14 2017, 05:50:19 AM

    I didn't know there were so many differing opinions on Oklahoma!, I'd assumed it was beloved by everyone. But I'll agree that, against the other four main R&H titles which boast such big themes (well three of them, anyway), it comes off as quaint in parts.

    But what about the Trevor Nunn production? I thought that version had a 'darker' (or at least more serious) take on the story which Ted Chapin and Mary Rodgers loved and which took Oklahoma!&nbs

  • Will we ever see a Lincoln Center Oklahoma! revival?  Jul 13 2017, 05:16:38 PM

    Also, critically was the '02 revival ill-received, or did most people like it? Seems as if there was a backlash that the quintessential American musical was being re-examined by a very British team and company (originating at the National Theatre)… I too would love to see a new, big Lincoln Center production. 

  • Will we ever see a Lincoln Center Oklahoma! revival?  Jul 13 2017, 11:24:49 AM

    Do you think we'll ever see a Bart Sher-helmed Oklahoma! revival at the Vivian Beaumont? Or is his Rodgers & Hammerstein 'series' completed there? If not at LC, will Oklahoma! make a reappearance elsewhere in the next few years? 

  • National Theatre: Follies image  Jul 8 2017, 01:46:45 PM

    I would say Julia McKenzie is as much one of Sondheim's "favorites" as Peters is, certainly on the other side of the Atlantic… he personally offered McKenzie both the Witch in the original London Into the Woods (when everyone else had to audition for their roles) and either Sally or Phyllis (whichever she wanted) in the original London Follies (she has publicly said that she chose to play Sally simply because she couldn't sit there and watch someone els

  • 2017 SITPWG Nominations  Jun 22 2017, 08:22:38 PM

    I would assume just 3: best revival, best actor for Gyllenhaal and best actress for Ashford. The designs or direction certainly weren't necessarily worthy of recognition, because none of it was groundbreaking apart from its two leading performances. 

  • Victor Victoria and the Tonys  Jun 19 2017, 05:40:10 PM

    I agree. King & I won Best Revival, and either Costume or Scenic Design (I can't be bothered to check), and so I'm sure many people predicted Murphy to go along for the ride too. There appeared to be a lot of love for that production as was the same with Bart Sher's 2015 revival. 

  • Victor Victoria and the Tonys  Jun 19 2017, 04:57:13 PM

    So obviously she was still legitimately in with a shot to win? Why didn't she, then? Backlash because of her declining the nom? Strange how she didn't win regardless of all of this, given how beloved she is and overdue she was for a Tony. I would've thought if her name was still on the ballot, nothing would've stopped her winning. And Murphy only won 2 years prior for Passion, so she wasn't overdue by any stretch. Bizarre. 

  • Victor Victoria and the Tonys  Jun 19 2017, 03:16:09 PM

    Was Julie's name still on the voting ballots for the Tonys that year. In other words, was Donna Murphy going to win anyway? This Julie/Donna Tony year is as baffling and hazy a topic as the whole why-wasn't-Bernadette-nominated-for-Into-the-Woods debacle. 

  • Well, hello, Patti (LaBelle)!  May 27 2017, 06:58:47 PM

    If Patti is too "ethnic," what does that make Bette? And Streisand? I'm confused as to that Herman comment. 

  • Breaking News: HELLO, DOLLY! & COME FROM AWAY Top Outer Critics Circle Winners; Full List!  May 10 2017, 05:34:32 AM

    And what about the last King & I revival - weren't there brand new dances but then a lot of Robbins' stuff thrown in? Wasn't CG eligible and nominated for a Tony? 

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  May 5 2017, 06:04:30 PM

    Steve C. said: "The more I hear about this possible MFL the less excited I get. If they are going to revive this, not exactly "dinosaur" of a show, I think the word I should use is "pedigree", they are going to have to do an all out, spare no expense production.

    Sure, I'm too young to have seen Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison, but the sheer rags to opulent riches in this show, would require, imo, another "Hello Dolly" type of treatment

  • 2017 Drama Desk Nominations & Awards  Apr 27 2017, 08:04:58 AM

    Are they live-streaming the noms? 

  • CAROUSEL Broadway Revival Officially Set for Spring 2018  Apr 21 2017, 12:23:06 PM

    Interesting to note that (afaik) Audra McDonald played Julie in a concert version of the show opposite Hugh Jackman some years after she'd won the Tony for playing Carrie. Now Mueller is swapping that feat. I recently re-watched portions of the concert with O'Hara and Gunn, and I think Mueller was inspired as Carrie. I'll be very interested to see what she does with Julie. 

  • Whizzer makes Page Six of the NY POST!  Mar 18 2017, 02:03:13 PM

    How many Tonys do you think this production will win? (Revival, Actress, Set/Costume…, another acting award?)

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews (seat locations)  Mar 16 2017, 12:25:25 PM

    What overture are they using by the way? The original published overture in the score is dire, and the OBC only has a truncated 'Dolly' theme as its prelude. The '94 recording uses a new one altogether. Did they arrange a new one for this revival, presumably? 

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Mar 14 2017, 12:34:46 PM

    I think given Sher and LCT's history with O'Hara, she would have been announced with the production announcement, so I think it's safe to assume it won't be Kelli. Judging by what she's been saying in recent interviews, it seems she's not content with simply churning out revival after revival. King & I was the culmination of that period for her and she capped it off with a perfect Tony win. I think the next musical she'll do will likely be an original one

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Mar 13 2017, 08:40:11 AM

    Why is everyone choosing to ignore the whole Kelli-at-the-Met thing…? She is due to sing the role of Despina in Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte at the Met which opens on 15 March 2018, and finishes its run on 19 April. LCT's My Fair Lady reportedly previews from 22 March 2018 and officially opens on 19 April…