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  • Raunchy - Adult - X-Rated Broadway Songs?  Sep 18 2017, 05:05:10 PM

    This is my favorite 'naughty' song ever because Gilda Radner is a f*cking genius.  The chicken line is Sondheimian in its vulgarity.  


  • Kiss of the Spiderwoman revival?  Sep 15 2017, 04:27:03 PM

    Are you saying I have a wonky eye??

    Against type, I also sing a pretty fantastic Marta.

    Oh cabaret show...Kiss of the SpiderRobbie.

  • Kiss of the Spiderwoman revival?  Sep 15 2017, 04:07:57 PM

    Yaaaaassss...followed by She's a Woman.

    Though Where You Are is one of my standards!

  • Kiss of the Spiderwoman revival?  Sep 15 2017, 03:36:00 PM

    I think Molina could use just a titch of edge.  There was about Carver in the original that seemed very right.  It's a different quality than Esparza would bring, but I'd be interested in seeing him paint with some different colors. I would love to play the role.  And you are so kind to suggest it.  But I'd probably not even go in for the audition.  I do think, like the principal cast of EVITA,&nb

  • Kiss of the Spiderwoman revival?  Sep 15 2017, 12:51:25 PM

    How has no one mentioned Esparza for Molina yet?  

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disapearing Thread, Part Deux  Sep 13 2017, 11:11:10 AM

    GeorgeandDot said: "Just thought I pop by and say that under no circumstances should the swastika be protected as free speech since the party for which it represents is responsible for the death of 6 million people as well as nearly 10 million soldiers, civilians, etc. It should be considered a call for violence. People should not be able to openly fly that flag."

    This is a conclusion that I'm coming around to.  Before a Nazi/white supremacist murdered a wom

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disapearing Thread, Part Deux  Sep 12 2017, 03:53:26 PM

    newintown said: "I understand; I personally still value the notion of a difference between "hate speech" and "incitement," with the latter clearly being out of bounds. Yet I can understand those who believe that words that don't explicitly call for violence can do so implicitly. I just don't entirely agree with that idea (at this point in time, at least)."

    You last line is the crux of my issue.  And it's the thin

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disapearing Thread, Part Deux  Sep 12 2017, 03:40:23 PM

    I'm happy to wander in the fog.  Because that's right where I am at this point.  I don't like reassessing my absolute belief in free speech, but it's happening.  When history (at least the history of the last century plus) shows us that white supremacy and fascism leads to unspeakable violence, what are we to do?  This hasn't been something I've had to deal with in my lifetime.  It's always been theoretical.  

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disapearing Thread, Part Deux  Sep 12 2017, 03:19:11 PM

    Serious question (and isn't it bizarre that we feel the need to type that...just to make sure people know we're 'not coming for them'??)

    Do you think that there are ideas that simply are repellent?  I find the refusal of one person to acknowledge another person's request to honor their full humanity repellent.  Not because I believe it is repellent, but because it is repellent.  Does that make sense?  For you, c

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disapearing Thread, Part Deux  Sep 12 2017, 02:57:30 PM

    I reject the categorization of what's happened in this thread as 'standing in the shining light of righteousness.'  I did that yesterday when I was at jury duty and was asked if I thought it should be legal to carry an 1/8th of an ounce of cocaine.  My answer of 'yes' was in no way going to change the law.  But it also probably kept me from being sat on the jury where I might have actually affected some real change.

    Someone actually asked to be viewed

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disapearing Thread, Part Deux  Sep 12 2017, 02:38:40 PM

    Feel free to think that I'm haranguing all you'd like.  I don't care.  

    But what GeorgeandDot has written in this space (and in other threads as well) is a request that her full humanity to honored.  Not one single person in this thread believes Dave28282 can ever have his mind changed.  I mean...his obsessive posting about race and how we should all just listen to him?  Talk about haranguing.

    But I hope anyone else posting here or simpl

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disapearing Thread, Part Deux  Sep 12 2017, 02:01:01 PM

    I don't know how I'm stunned, but I am.

    There is a person in this thread asking that others don't deny the fullness of her humanity (which, does, in fact, include racial heritage) and others just simply asserting that she's wrong in this request.

    Jesus F-ing Christ, please take a step back and realize how terrible that is!

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disapearing Thread, Part Deux  Sep 12 2017, 12:50:50 PM

    Every single time I see someone who didn't grow up in the States (and therefore doesn't have the kind of experience of what it is to deal with race in this particular country) try to say something insightful about race relations in America, I was to throw an egg at a toddler.  I'm looking at you, Andrew Sullivan, and your bulllsh*t about the f*cking Bell Curve.  

  • The Case of the Mysterious Disapearing Thread, Part Deux  Sep 12 2017, 12:43:27 PM

    GeorgeandDot said: "Dave2828's European. Poor thing can't help but be racist."

    THAT'S why I feel like I'm dealing with Rosetta Stone every time I try to read one of this posts!  Thank you!

    PS Is there a multilingual drag queen named Rosetta Stone yet?  

  • Can Victor Garber do funny?  Sep 6 2017, 04:46:48 PM

    I was a teenager when I saw him in TENOR, but that performance has stayed with me over the decades.  He was sharp, hilarious and had threw himself into the physicality of that farce fearlessly. 


  • Mean Girls Musical: Washington DC Fall 2017  Sep 5 2017, 04:24:43 PM

    "I don't know but the plain pink dress is not completely working for me."

    Clearly, it was a Wednesday when they took that picture. 

  • Two hander scenes from musicals?  Aug 31 2017, 04:59:40 PM

    The Charity/Oscar elevator scene from SWEET CHARITY is fantastic fun.
    Also from SHE LOVES ME is the the I Don't Know His Name scene between Amalia and Ilona.
    For pure book scenes, there are at least one or two between Diana and Natalie from NEXT TO NORMAL.
    The Fromme/Moore scenes from ASSASSINS are stellar.


  • Two hander scenes from musicals?  Aug 31 2017, 03:12:36 PM

    Yeah...what are you looking for?  Two men?  Two women?  Male/Female?  Comedic? Dramatic?

  • Cynthia Erivo needs to check herself  Aug 31 2017, 02:01:43 PM

    Next time I go into an audition and I'm asked how many followers I have, I will say, 'Not enough to f*ck up the run of a show.  Hire me.'

  • Cynthia Erivo needs to check herself  Aug 31 2017, 12:24:29 PM

    'There is nothing sadder than following a celebrity on Instagram and realizing that they need the validation they get from it.' 

    Seriously?  We become performers so that people will pay money to watch us.  That seems of a piece to me.

    I love my Instagram.  It's a creative way to express one's self, and I live for the likes!

    Twitter makes me wish I was illiterate.  I knew I couldn't be