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  • Tale of Two Cities musical film?  Sep 20 2017, 06:44:36 PM

    The fact that he states "we don't have to worry about the writing because it's already written" is probably one of the more troublesome statements he makes about the project. You can't just plop the stage script on a camera and expect it to work without any effort (take a look at The Producers for an example of that going awry). They are different mediums, as many will point out, and have vastly different requirements for the writing. Even a seemingly

  • What is next for ANDY KARL?  Sep 20 2017, 06:38:21 PM

    Dollypop said: "Breaking news: Andy has just signed to replace Bernadette on Tuesday nights!"


    But then what will Loretta Swit be doing on Tuesdays?

  • Raunchy - Adult - X-Rated Broadway Songs?  Sep 18 2017, 03:17:20 PM

    Also from City of Angels, "Lost and Found"

  • TIME AND THE CONWAYS (2017) Previews  Sep 16 2017, 10:46:20 AM

    It's a limited run on sale through November 26.


    They've already announced that John Lithgow's one man show will be starting performances at the American Airlines on December 21, so if they've built a possible extension into the actors' contracts then I would guess it's only a week or two at most.

  • Fall Fillers  Sep 12 2017, 10:42:34 PM

    2nd Stage has announced that they will be reopening the Hayes in March with a revival of Lobby Hero starring Chris Evans and Michael Cera.

  • Accented Musicals  Sep 8 2017, 02:29:09 PM

    chiivess said: "9 to 5 has a southern dialect for most characters.We live in a southern state so 9 to 5 wouldn't be to much of stretch for us to do southern accents"


    The only two characters I remember having a Southern accent were Doralee and her husband. The show is set in NYC (if I recall correctly), so I don't think most of them do have Southern accents. Though of course since you are in the South then the Northern or NYC accents could also c

  • What is next at the Shubert?  Sep 7 2017, 09:05:42 PM

    Bette's Turban said: "Could it be Dreamgirls will come into the Shubert?"


    Even if Bernadette only manages to keep the show open 3 months (and considering she was able to keep Night Music running for 6 months, I think 3 months is easily doable with a show like Hello, Dolly!), that would leave Dreamgirls with virtually no time to load in, tech, and preview in time for the eligibility cut off for this

  • Lover Never Dies Tour  Sep 4 2017, 05:23:29 PM

    trpguyy said: "Which is surprising, because you'd think Utica's"Local 1" labor costs would be higher than in Boston "


    Considering Utica is part of Local 9 I'm not sure what Local 1 has to do with determining their labor costs/rates.

  • Lover Never Dies Tour  Sep 4 2017, 01:05:15 PM

    Mister Matt said: "Third, why on earth would pricing be based on your subjective opinion? The producers don't budget a show based on whether you're "seeing the show ironically" or not. If it's mediocre and you're "seeing the show ironically", why do you care what has changed?"


    I'm looking forward to the day when I can walk up to the box office with the "seeing the show ironically" discount code.

  • What Went Wrong with HONEYMOON IN VEGAS?  Sep 3 2017, 01:16:45 AM

    Honestly you could tell that someone was worried about the show. There was no reason that show had to preview for two months other than wanting to be able to ride through the holiday season on the reviews and pull-quotes from the Papermill production. And even then the show limped through the holidays pulling numbers that most other shows would be worried to get during the January/February lull and should have been the death knell for any show to be pulling in during that time (even 

  • 9 to 5 On Broadway, why did it flop?  Sep 2 2017, 10:56:06 PM

    I found it to be an enjoyable, but almost immediately forgettable, evening on Broadway. The cast was uniformly good and everyone in the show felt like they were enjoying themselves on the stage, but it was such a by-the-numbers adaptation that I never really got a moment of "yes, this is why these characters needed to sing."


    It was much like Young Frankenstein where they made sure to hit every moment and joke from the movie that you'd expe

  • Worst National Tour  Sep 2 2017, 10:47:59 PM

    Yeah, you're probably thinking of the NETworks tour that went out back in 2001-2002. The most recent non-Equity tour was just out last year, so Quentin Earl Darrington and Kenita Miller definitely didn't star in it.


    To be fair, it was directed by Marcia Milgrom Dodge based somewhat on her Kennedy Center/Broadway Production (the set was definitely scaled back even further without the massive three story structure), and the cast was very talented (if not a bit young

  • Any cafe suggestion for lingering?  Sep 2 2017, 10:49:38 AM

    There's a Starbucks on 39th and 8th that has an upstairs seating area that's not as immediately noticeable and thus tends to be a little less crowded than some of the other places in the area (caveat that I'm usually only at that one on weekdays, so I don't know how Saturday may differ).

  • Lion King Reconfigured Tour  Aug 29 2017, 05:04:36 PM

    Some of the reconfiguration also has to do with both the automation and lighting packages. A lot of that can be done in a smaller footprint than was originally done because of the improvements in technology since the tour first went out, which of course saves a lot on truck space and load in time.

  • Worst National Tour  Aug 29 2017, 04:55:23 PM

    The non-Equity Ragtime, mainly for the "orchestra" that consisted entirely of two synthesizers.

  • Would any television network have the guts to livecast CABARET?  Aug 28 2017, 10:12:39 PM

    PatrickDC said: "If MTV was pleased with the ratings and response for Legally Blonde they might be willing to try Cabaret. And there are others they could do: Rent, American Idiot, Spring Awakening, and maybe even Avenue Q."


    Since it's been ten years and they haven't made any further forays into broadcasting musicals I'm going to guess that MTV wasn't over the moon with the ratings and response to Legally Blonde

  • Will great comet ever come back?  Aug 28 2017, 11:04:37 AM

    I could see this becoming quite popular in college programs, especially as more and more schools have extremely flexible black box spaces that can be transformed in some pretty remarkable ways.

  • Aida closing?  Aug 23 2017, 07:07:01 PM

    It ran for about 4.5 years, so I'm not sure why you would say it didn't last very long. It also did quite well on the road, as I recall, and has been a fairly regular title in regional and educational venues.

  • Sondheim Lyric Change?  Aug 20 2017, 11:55:50 PM

    The lyric is "cream" on my copy of the original cast recording.

  • Extant former Broadway houses  Aug 18 2017, 11:25:33 AM

    I've always heard that the city will not allow the 42nd Street Theatre to be returned to use as a legit theatre because of that lack of loading access on 43rd Street.


    I've also heard that because of the way the surrounding buildings have been developed that the Liberty Theatre has no way of being brought up to code in terms of fire exits for the number of people it could potentially seat if it was returned to use as a Broadway house (which means that, assuming tha