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Second Stage Theater Announces New Season Beginning Fall 2021
Started By: jacobsnchz14
103295/8/21 9:13am
Tootsie National Tour: Equity Production Scrapped, to start non-union?
Started By: gleek4114
364,4475/8/21 8:12am
Revised BEETLEJUICE to re-open the Palace?
Started By: Dollypop
462,7665/8/21 5:41am
McDonald, Uggams, Soo, Swenson, Pasquale, Urie & More In New Zombie TV Show
Started By: Jordan Catalano
61435/8/21 5:39am
New casting for shows reopening
Started By: Theatrefanboy1
115185/8/21 4:46am
2017 NBC Live Musical is "Bye Bye Birdie"
Started By: RW3
19848,9475/8/21 4:22am
Broadway to reopen Sept 14
Started By: unclevictor
1394,3775/8/21 2:24am
Jordan Levinson
DEAR EVAN HANSEN film sets September 2021 release
Started By: jacobsnchz14
913,6105/7/21 10:22pm
West End CABARET with Jessie Buckley and Eddie Redmayne
Started By: JBroadway
298565/7/21 10:06pm
2021-2022 Broadway Season (for now)
Started By: chrishuyen
615,3405/7/21 9:56pm
Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
551,5645/7/21 5:52pm
Tim Barstow
CURSED CHILD to alter BW production
Started By: DrewJoseph
191,4205/7/21 4:25pm
Jordan Fisher extending his DEH run?
Started By: RainyAgwe
81,1595/7/21 3:59pm
Sutton Ross
Ride the Cyclone - Cast Recording + Transfer?
Started By: aces25
8428,5055/7/21 3:44pm
Steven Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY - News & Discussion Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
50928,9215/7/21 3:34pm
Musical Master
Reopen post-Rudin Worker Improvements
Started By: Jaxson2
84285/7/21 3:30pm
Phantom to change to "re-staged" production in flagship productions?
Started By: MannPhan24601
36122,6725/7/21 1:28pm
Every Production* At The Young Vic Will Now Be Live-streamed
Started By: Jordan Catalano
93025/7/21 11:39am
Started By: KCshowtune
571,7645/7/21 12:31am
Is Lin growing out his hair in preparation to reopen Hamilton?
Started By: Call_me_jorge
302,3815/6/21 8:12pm
The IN THE HEIGHTS Film Adaptation Thread
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
699107,9195/6/21 5:02pm
Musical Master
Waitress revival
Started By: ElphabaGoodman
311,3925/6/21 4:39pm
Good Morning America teases big Broadway announcement on Tuesday, May 11
Started By: jacobsnchz14
45705/6/21 12:15pm
SIX - Preview Thread
Started By: orph3us
32027,5625/6/21 12:11pm
Sutton Ross
Dancer Jacques d'Amboise (Charlotte's father) passes away.
Started By: dramamama611
95345/6/21 10:55am
NY Theater Costumer Designer's Tribute to Science
Started By: nativenewyorker2
0165/6/21 10:18am
PASS OVER by Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu will play the August Wilson Theatre
Started By: jacobsnchz14
339765/5/21 11:37pm
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Started By: BCfitasafiddle
164375/5/21 8:47pm
No Tony nomination for Betty Buckley in Drood
Started By: Leadingplayer
53395/5/21 7:44pm
NYC Plans To Fully Reopen On July 1, Bill de Blasio says
Started By: Jordan Catalano
672,0045/5/21 3:06pm
old episodes of Seth's Broadway Chatterbox?
Started By: meghanj28
21545/5/21 12:24pm
Gatsby Musical Heading to Broadway
Started By: woeisme3
261,0705/5/21 9:55am
Charley Kringas Inc
We See You White American Theatre
Started By: unclevictor
432,0455/5/21 8:57am
Ms. Paradice
Sondheim - Insider Look at Hits & Misses
Started By: Melissa25
0765/5/21 5:44am
Broadway reopening
Started By: SandyRussell
1074,2545/4/21 7:21pm
Musical tourism in middle America - suggestions?
Started By: amygbrooks
72065/4/21 6:33pm
21-22 Touring Season
Started By: Alexander Lamar
201,2485/4/21 6:24pm
Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
Started By: A.J.
27712,4535/4/21 5:55pm
Playbill stopped publishing song lists?
388,0425/4/21 8:41am
The Baltimore Waltz
Started By: Dollypop
31855/3/21 10:58pm
ALW's Cinderella
Started By: macbeth
386,7855/3/21 9:09pm
Scott Rudin takedown
Started By: unclevictor
47318,3745/3/21 5:15pm
"The Phantom of the Opera: Behind the Scenes at the Palais Garnier" book
Started By: aces25
11275/3/21 4:32pm
2012 Broadway Revivals
Started By: bwayphreak234
62875/3/21 2:25pm
Sutton Foster Concert Streaming
Started By: bwayobsessed
107255/3/21 2:18pm
Jaws-themed musical BRUCE (Robert Taylor and Richard Oberacker)
Started By: Fan123
181,2795/3/21 1:51pm

Started By: richardhuy
0135/3/21 5:22am
Roundabout Theatre's Refocus Project
Started By: ggersten
11585/3/21 3:55am
A Director
Vaccine Passports
Started By: zainmax
289365/3/21 3:46am
Mame lyrics change??
Started By: Eve Harrington3
257115/2/21 6:50pm

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