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Cesena at La Monnaie


8/31/2012 - 9/2/2012


La Monnaie

Rue Léopold 4

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With Cesena – performed at dawn in the Cour d’Honneur in Avignon in 2011 – Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker continues her exploration of the Ars Subtilior, which began with her previous creation En Atendant. Her work with the graindelavoix vocal ensemble displays the emotional expressiveness of this complex polyphonic movement which emerged in the papal court during the 14th century. The collaboration with Björn Schmelzer and his ensemble has led to a merging between singers and dancers who exchange movements and voices, joining in a single fragile humanity. Cesena opts for the same theatrical sobriety as En Atendant and produces graceful virtuosity without artifice. On this occasion, these two echoing works will once again find the natural lighting which presided over their premieres, in the setting of Villers-la-Ville Abbey.

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