Will Matilda make it in NY?

Will Matilda make it in NY?#1
Posted: 1/8/13 at 1:49pm
I went to go see Matilda on London's West End yesterday. It was by far the worst show I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen many, many shows. I know they are bringing it to broadway, and I just cannot understand why. I do not see it making it more than a few months on broadway. I am just one person, but I went with a group of 8 people with various tastes, and not one of them liked it. I am wondering if anyone else from the U.S. has seen this show, and what you thought of it? Anyone from the UK or elsewhere is welcome to chime in.

Let me go over my biggest problems with the show:
(1) No Grounding Characters: Parents are clowns, Children are directed to be too cutsie-wootsie, Trunchbull is an absolute joke. Ms. Honey is semi-grounding but she isn't nearly grounding enough, her songs are dumb, she does the whole "yippee yippee, o sorry i got carried away" thing which made her seem totally stupid. The only grounding character is the librarian who isn't in the show nearly enough and interacts with no one besides Matilda. I do not even want to begin talking about the Latin dance partner of Matilda's mother, the Russian Mafia members, or the brother.

(2) Expectations from the Movie: The movie was so awesome because Matilda does all of the magic stuff, messing around with the lights at home, making the carrot fly off her plate. That was all TOTALLY MISSING in the musical. The only magic involved is the newt scene.

(3) Songs were unmemorable.

(4) Very dark aspect of it. I would not say this is suitable for children under 7, but children under 7 are the only people who may in their right mind find this show entertaining.

(5) Simply did not find it funny.

So what did you guys think? Why did you like it? Why didn't you like it? Do you think it has a chance in NY? Did you take your kids? Also include where you are from in your response because I'm interested in seeing if maybe that affects the answers.

Thank you!
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Will Matilda make it in NY?#2
Posted: 1/8/13 at 3:12pm
Will Matilda make it in NY?#2
Posted: 1/8/13 at 3:57pm
Excellent show. Loved every minute on both occasions that I saw it
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Will Matilda make it in NY?#3
Posted: 1/8/13 at 4:03pm
Your analysis contradicts a lot!

However I do agree in ome points. The magic is missing and I don't like what has happened to Trunchball character.

I wasn't a fan of the music, but listen to the lyrics, they are very good.

Matilda will storm Broadway I think. American mums will flock to take their cherubs and there entourage.
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Will Matilda make it in NY?#4
Posted: 1/8/13 at 4:16pm
its a very middle class show, very noticable when i saw it. i think the upper eastsiders and the like will lap it up. i can see it being like billy elliot, huge for a few years then declines

its hugely overated, score ok (some memorable tunes) and i found it lacked any real heart. That said i enjoyed it and had a good evening in the theatre, it just isnt the second coming as some people make out
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Will Matilda make it in NY?#5
Posted: 1/8/13 at 5:01pm
Not a fan myself, but I think it will be successful over there. Not a runaway box office hit, but successful nonetheless.
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Will Matilda make it in NY?#6
Posted: 1/9/13 at 6:15am
Can't say how Americans will take it but to me it's the best show in the West End at the moment. I've seen it twice and loved it both times. I think the songs are brilliant. My only issue with seeing it a third time is that I don't think anyone else will be able to compare with Bertie Carvel as Miss Trunchbull.
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Will Matilda make it in NY?#7
Posted: 1/9/13 at 10:27am
Oh thank you The Trollie!I've been frightened to post my thoughts on Matilda as everyone is so passionate in its defence.I disliked it and found it boring.Talk about the Emperor's New Clothes!I'm sure it will do well initially in the U.S. because of all the awards and wonderful reviews.It's OK I suppose for a family show although as you say it is very dark;but I cannot understand why childless adults would rave about it as they do.
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Will Matilda make it in NY?#8
Posted: 1/9/13 at 4:18pm
"I cannot understand why childless adults would rave about it as they do"

Possibly because not everyone has the same tastes and viewpoints.

Perhaps "childless adults" can find elements of the show that they enjoy? The fact they are childless does not mean they cannot appreciate children's stories and may well derive enjoyment in having childhood memories of having read the book coming alive on stage!!!!!

I quite liked it. yes perhaps overrated and it is not the best show in the world and is not the second coming. And no show will appeal to everyone
Will Matilda make it in NY?#9
Posted: 1/15/13 at 11:29am
I'm American and I enjoyed it. I think the music is likeable, it's quirky. The lyrics are very clever at times. The children are very talented and a lot of the staging is fun to watch. I saw it a year ago so I don't remember everything, but I do remember thinking the plot was turning pretty dark and twisted at the end. I was not familiar with the book. There was a child next to me with his parents and he was beside himself, loving every moment. I enjoyed it enough that I'm going again in March. I don't know that it will take the US by storm but I think it will do fairly well.
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Will Matilda make it in NY?#10
Posted: 1/15/13 at 11:27pm
Why wouldn't adults who are regularly subjected to Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals be starved for such a clever, nimble, sincere show?

Updated On: 1/15/13 at 11:27 PM
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Will Matilda make it in NY?#11
Posted: 1/19/13 at 1:59pm
I know some Americans who've avoided even thinking about seeing the show because all they know is that movie version from the mid-90s, and a lot of Americans have not heard of the book.

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Will Matilda make it in NY?#12
Posted: 1/28/13 at 2:59pm
I enjoyed it and thought it was far more rooted to the book than the Over-Americanised film. I'm not sure in the book there is as much magic as made out in the film, and this is an adaption of the book not the film. Most of Roald Dahl's books are dark & are generally for children 7 or older. That said there were plenty of young children around me who seemed to love it. One particually young lad who had great delight in telling his grandma 'this isn't scaring me one bit' (braver than me then!) there were also darker scenes in Mary Poppins.

I would agree there are no real stand out songs, but as said before the song lyrics are what make it, and with Tim Minchin you're not going to get a 'follow the yellow brick road' cheery dance number.

I suppose time will tell if the Americans like it. I'd agree it came accross as having a middle class feel. But I don't see there being anything wrong with that.