Marc Savitt

Marc Savitt Marc Savitt has a life-long passion for, and association with the performing arts, particularly Musical Theatre. He has performed with choral groups in several US cities, and London, and appears on multiple recordings. Marc has been on-stage, in front of house operations, or the business office with organizations in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington. Marc is delighted to be representing as Contributing Editor covering The Berkshires of Western MA, Southern VT, and the Capital Region of NY state.



BWW Review: THE WAVERLY GALLERY Opens Shakespeare & Company's 2019 Season with A Loud and Resounding WOW!BWW Review: THE WAVERLY GALLERY Opens Shakespeare & Company's 2019 Season with A Loud and Resounding WOW!
Posted: May. 29, 2019

BWW Review: ROCK AND ROLL MAN: THE ALAN FREED STORY at Berkshire Theatre Group Puts A Spell On The Berkshires.BWW Review: ROCK AND ROLL MAN: THE ALAN FREED STORY at Berkshire Theatre Group Puts A Spell On The Berkshires.
Posted: Jul. 9, 2019

BWW Review: TWELFTH NIGHT at Shakespeare & Company Takes A Refreshingly Unique Approach To A Centuries Old ClassicBWW Review: TWELFTH NIGHT at Shakespeare & Company Takes A Refreshingly Unique Approach To A Centuries Old Classic
Posted: Jul. 10, 2019

BWW Review: 10X10 NEW PLAY FESTIVAL at Barrington Stage Company Serves Up A Theatrical Smorgasbord In The Midst of Winter.BWW Review: 10X10 NEW PLAY FESTIVAL at Barrington Stage Company Serves Up A Theatrical Smorgasbord In The Midst of Winter.
Posted: Feb. 19, 2019

BWW Feature: From Page to Stage - The Story Behind ROCK AND ROLL MAN: THE ALAN FREED STORY at Berkshire Theatre Group.BWW Feature: From Page to Stage - The Story Behind ROCK AND ROLL MAN: THE ALAN FREED STORY at Berkshire Theatre Group.
Posted: Jul. 14, 2019

BWW Review: THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR at Shakespeare & Company Leaves Berkshire Audiences Laughing Out Loud.BWW Review: THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR at Shakespeare & Company Leaves Berkshire Audiences Laughing Out Loud.
Posted: Aug. 15, 2019

BWW Review: WHAT THE JEWS BELIEVE at Berkshire Theatre Group Leaves Audiences With Lots to Think About.BWW Review: WHAT THE JEWS BELIEVE at Berkshire Theatre Group Leaves Audiences With Lots to Think About.
Posted: Oct. 1, 2019

BWW Review: FROZEN at Proctors Wraps the Capital Region in a Big Warm Hug.
November 17, 2019

If you think of FROZEN as being for kids, I suggest you need to think again. Like the stage version of Disney's Lion King before it, this production is high quality live theatre that excels on multiple levels. There is quite a lot to see, experience, and enjoy in FROZEN both for the young and the young at heart.

BWW Review: AMERICAN UNDERGROUND at Barrington Stage Company A Profound New Drama That Asks Us To Examine Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Where We Are Going.
October 8, 2019

This production is, in a word - 'tight'. The many facets and elements of the script, costuming, sound, lighting, sets, direction, and cast are all notable in their own right. This is a case where they come together and the whole is, indeed, greater than the sum of the parts. The result is 90-minutes of powerful, intense, and frighteningly plausible theatre that is engaging, emotional, intriguing, important, and regardless of your politics or point-of-view, well worth seeing.

BWW Review: WHAT THE JEWS BELIEVE at Berkshire Theatre Group Leaves Audiences With Lots to Think About.
October 1, 2019

At it's core, WHAT THE JEWS BELIEVE is a poignant story about the loss of faith and the journey to find it. Moreover, it is about life. The joys, sadness, fears, and many of the overwhelming number of questions that come with it. To his credit, playwright, Mark Harelik, goes to great lengths to pose a plethora of questions most of have, or will have to deal with. It is both notable and admirable that he does so without providing answers. About the choices we make as well as their consequences and impact. Harelik encourages us to think but never tells us how, what, or why we should do so.

BWW Review: TIME STANDS STILL at Shakespeare & Company Examines Change and Choice.
September 26, 2019

Over the span of two hours, TIME STANDS STILL explores the relationship between the individuals and the two couples at a crucial juncture in each of their lives. Their desire to move forward in conflict with the comfort of clinging to the past. Will they fight, challenge, accept, reject, change, or stand still?

BWW Review: HERSHEY FELDER AS GEORGE GERSHWIN ALONE at Berkshire Theatre Group is S'wonderful, S'Marvelous, and Magnificent.
August 25, 2019

Felder's performance is sublime. Watching his hands manipulate the keys of the Steinway Concert Grand Piano is a thing of beauty almost like watching the seemingly effortless movements of Gene Kelly and Syd Charise in American In Paris. So much so, it felt as if I were floating, gliding, and soring above my seat throughout the production. Felder's performance is so genuine and strong, tears were brought to many an eye when he setup his performance of the duet from Porgy and Bess. He explains the evolution of this and other pieces providing fascinating insight and showing what an absolute genius Gershwin was. Felder's performance of the entire Rhapsody in Blue itself is well worth the price of admission. Happily, the show provides much more including both Q&A and sing-along segments.

BWW Review: FALL SPRINGS at Barrington Stage Company Proves that Environmental Consciousness Can Be FUN
August 20, 2019

One should plant their tongue firmly in cheek for this one. It is over-the-top, exaggerated, and farcical in the way of Urinetown, The Book of Mormon, and Something Rotten. The original music is quite good and rather entertaining. The content seems to be split between two camps some directed at the a?oeadult generationa?? of baby boomers, and some at their a?oemillenniala?? offspring. Not that the two can't or don't overlap. Several common stereotypes and clichés are targeted as the butt of many jokes so there is pretty much something that works for just about everyone. There are some fun moments that require thinking: a?oethat Greek figure of a daughter of yoursa??, a?oelet's light a match behind this cowa??; and some that are just plain in your face: a?oemaybe the earth doesn't like an enemaa??. Some, I really just did not understand: a?oejust because you have the same feet doesn't mean you have the same legsa??, nor why it is supposed to be funny. That's when I realized it was best to simply let go and enjoy the silliness that abounds.

BWW Review: TOPDOG / UNDERDOG at Shakespeare & Company – A Powerful Drama That Asks Does The Show Stop or Does The Show Go On When No One Is Watching?
August 17, 2019

The brothers reflect on their lives revealing bad parenting, neglect, abandonment and a series of life events that have left the two relatively young men badly broken. When Lincoln suffers yet another setback, he returns to his previous vices and the life lessons each of the brothers has learned well, are once again set into play - this time upon each other. The result is an overwhelming piece of riveting drama that is raw, deeply emotional, and must be experienced to be appreciated.

BWW Review: HAMILTON at Proctors Turns Up the Wattage in The Electric City.
August 15, 2019

As the subtitle clearly states HAMILTON is An American Musical and to say there is a lot of that would be an understatement. I don't think there is more than about five minutes without music over the course of the two hour and 45-minute production. Thirty-four musical numbers are presented flawlessly by the cast of nearly 40 talented performers. While there are no low-points to speak of, the capacity crowd pleasing highs are plentiful and include: a?oeThe Story of Tonighta??, a?oeThe Schuyler Sistersa??, a?oeYou'll Be Backa??, a?oeHelplessa??, a?oeWait For Ita??, a?oeYorktowna?? (The World Turned Upside Down), a?oeDear Theodosiaa??, a?oeWhat Did I Missa??, a?oeSay No To Thisa??, a?oeWashington On Your Sidea??, a?oeOne Last Timea??, a?oeBurna??, a?oeIt's Quiet Uptowna??. Naturally they are often delivered by the leads and featured players but the power and energy that resonates throughout the theatre in production numbers featuring the full cast including the attractive ensemble complete with sexy and sultry choreography is undeniable.

BWW Review: THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR at Shakespeare & Company Leaves Berkshire Audiences Laughing Out Loud.
August 15, 2019

The cast includes Martin Jason Asprey (Mr. Frank Ford), Steven Barkhimer (George Page), Gregory Boover (Master Fenton), MaConnia Chesser (Meg Page), Jordan Cobb (Anne Page), Tobias Goodman (Pistol/Simple), Nigel Gore (Sir John Falstaff), Cloteal L. Horne (Mistress Quickly), Jennie M. Jadow (Alice Ford), Madeleine Rose Maggio (Robert Shallow), Bella Merlin (Sir Hugh Evans), and Mary Shalaby (Nym/Rugby). Many of whom we recently enjoyed in the Shakespeare & Company production of Twelfth Night. The troupe is outstanding. Steven Barhimer, Gregory Boover, MaConnia Chesser, Jordan Cobb, Jennie M. Jadow are so at-ease and comfortable in their roles and make the audience feel likewise. Tobias Goodman and Mary Shalaby are especially noteworthy and accomplished particularly given that they are the youngest in the ensemble but keep pace and level with both more seasoned and professional members of the cast. Madeleine Rose Maggio and Bella Merlin both take on roles of the opposite gender with confidence and convection and both make it work well. Cloteal L. Horne is sassy and soulful providing enough attitude to keep things real and some surprise vocals that are impressive as well. Nigel Gore and Martin Jason Asprey seem to have been born to do Shakespeare. Both have well-developed sense of comedic timing. Asprey's banter directly with the audience delights and earns spontaneous mid-scene applause multiple times.

BWW Review: WHAT WE MAY BE at Berkshire Theatre Group
August 12, 2019

Directed by Gregg Edelman, this production features Carla Duren (Colleen Haran), Carson Elrod (Glen Geer), Penny Fuller (Lucinda Royal Scott), Samantha Hill (Summer Oliver), Dee Hoty (Joan Stern), and Count Stoval (Hal Polick). As they present the one-act plays, we can clearly see that, as their resumes suggest, these are skilled and talented performers. Unfortunately, with the exception of the character of Lucinda, the material does not provide the cast much opportunity to share that with us. The characters in and of themselves, are thinly developed. We don't have a chance to know them at more than a surface level nor to care.

BWW Review: BEFORE THE MEETING at Williamstown Theatre Festival Shares Some Laughs, Some Tears, and Some Important Messages.
August 12, 2019

Yes, the setting and backdrop for the events that play out is recovery. And, yes, along the way we learn about the steps, but Bock's heartfelt and often humorous material is about people. Not, those people or a?oeYOU peoplea?? a?' all people. More specifically, how people are more alike than different. How that which we claim not to understand and often separates us is a manifestation of fears. As an example, in response to Arnie's desire for change in the standard routine we learn why Gail clings to it as she explains that a?oeso much of sobriety has to do with change, its nice to have some constantsa??. When both Nicole and Tim each face their own personal challenges, we are reminded that although we cannot choose our family of origin, we can choose to build a supportive and nurturing family of choice comprised of select members of the family of man. An unexpected visit from Gail's estranged daughter, Angela (Cassie Beck) really upsets the routine and provides a reminder that forgiveness, like love, are both hard to ask for and often, even harder to give.

BWW Review: GHOSTS at Williamstown Theatre Festival Proves to be Fresh and Remarkably Relevant.
August 11, 2019

This production with the new translation is notably fresh and remarkably relevant. To WTF's Artistic Director, Mandy Greenfield's credit it is another excellent inclusion in a rich and diverse season. The language is contemporary and easy to follow, understand, and relate to. The subject matter, which includes religion, venereal disease, incest, and euthanasia, questions accepted social practices and norms. Possibly surprising the audience and most definitely stirring up debate. Where most regular tragedies deal mainly with the unhappy consequences of breaking the moral code, GHOSTS deals with the consequences of not breaking it. The parallels between the material written 138 years ago and events currently playing out in the US and across the world are stunning and undeniable.

BWW Review: IF I FORGET at Barrington Stage Company A Rare and Powerful Mix of Reality and Raw Emotion.
August 7, 2019

There are a few slower moving moments in Tony Award winning (Book of Dear Evan Hansen) playwright Steven Levonson's work but there is plenty of pathos as well as lots of levity and laughter in IF I FORGET. The ensemble cast is very strong and extremely well balanced. So much so that at some point I stopped seeing individual performers engaged in their craft as actors and became totally engrossed in watching a family. While this may be somewhat attributable to my own personal connection to the subject matter as a member of the diaspora and secular Jewish community in suburban America, I think the Fischer family and its many dynamics will feel familiar to most. In other words, you don't have to be Jewish to appreciate this powerful and moving play, but it won't hurt. Many audience members will likely see their own family members on the stage. IF I FORGET explores, deeply, a family and its history. It looks at the past, the present, and how the future might affect them, as well as the legacy they should / will leave.

BWW Review: TELL ME I'M NOT CRAZY at Williamstown Theatre Festival Is Packed With Laughs, But Oh So Much More.
July 30, 2019

There is quite a lot to like about this exemplary Williamstown Theatre Festival Commission and recipient of an Edgerton Foundation New Play Award. I've discussed the play with several people who've seen it.  They all enjoyed and spoke highly of the experience, but each focused on a different aspect of its many nuances and facets. You would be crazy not to go and see what it says to you if / while you can. TELL ME I'M NOT CRAZY continues only through August 3rd at Williamstown Theatre Festival's Nikos Stage.

BWW Review: RAGTIME at The Mac-Haydn Theatre Offers a Poignant and Highly Relevant Reminder That America's Greatness Was Forged In A Melting Pot.
July 29, 2019

The Tony Award winning book by Terrance McNally and score by Stephen Flahrety and Lynn Ahrens, focus on events taking place over a century ago, but RAGTIME's content and messages remain highly relevant, and important, particularly given the current socio-political climate.

BWW Review: THE CHILDREN at Shakespeare & Company Invites Audiences to Grapple with an Age-old Question, 'What About the Children?'
July 27, 2019

BWW Review: GERTRUDE AND CLAUDIUS Impresses at Barrington Stage Company
July 25, 2019

BSC Artistic Director, Julieanne Boyd, Directed the ambitious endeavor. This play represents quite an undertaking on many levels and on most them, this production succeeds.

BWW Review: WORKING A MUSICAL at Berkshire Theatre Group
July 23, 2019

In this musical exploration of 26 people from various walks of life and how people's relationships to their work ultimately reveal key aspects of their humanity you will meet and learn about your friends, neighbors, service providers, and maybe even yourself.

BWW Review: THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH at Berkshire Theatre Group
July 17, 2019

The sometimes confusing, amusing, and thought-provoking play premiered in 1942. This production has been freshened up a bit and includes modern references some of which are particularly relevant to the Berkshires. The main characters are George and Maggie Antrobus, their two children, Henry and Gladys, and Sabina, who appears as the family's maid in the first and third acts, and as a beauty queen temptress in the second act. The play's action takes place in a relatively modern setting but is full of anachronisms reaching back to prehistoric times.

BWW Review: SELLING KABUL at Williamstown Theatre Festival Resonates Deeply
July 16, 2019

SELLING KABUL is a powerful, raw, riveting and highly relevant new drama that connects on a level seldom seen and rarely felt. The world premiere run continues on the Nikos Stage at Williamstown Theatre Festival through July 20.