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BWW TV: Around the Broadway World 8/25 - Before They Were Stars, Lippa and More!

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who isn't familiar with YouTube and other online video websites which showcase on a daily basis the good, the bad and the ugly.  For several years now, BroadwayWorld has lead the theatrical community by providing regular Stage Tube videos featuring everyone from top Broadway and Hollywood celebs to kids barely out of diapers.  In this new regular column, I'll  be hand-picking videos from "Around the Broadway World" which will highlight noteworthy theater-related videos. From backstage to onstage - from Amateur to Professional - and from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Stumble on a video out there on the web you think deserves to be highlighted? Send an email to and if selected, we'll give you a shout out when it's featured in this regular column.  So... without any further fanfare - here is the first column of videos you need to check out!


Here are this week's picks:

Craig Says: Maggie McDowell is now a Belmont University Musical Theatre Department graduate. Catch her 2009 diva performance as Hope in URINETOWN singing the uproarious "I See a River/Finale." Could we be seeing Maggie treading the boards soon?

I See A River/Finale - Belmont University Musical Theatre Department

Craig Says: Submissions Only co-creator and Broadway star, Andrew Keenan-Bolger directed a bevy of beauties (that are now all across the boards) while at the University of Michigan. Catch the likes of Cortney Wolfson (going on tour this year with the Addams Family) and more in this clip!

Before They Were on Broadway and On Tour...

Craig Says: True story. I first heard of Marla a few years back when some of these videos were posted. You see - someone on our message board was a die hard fan. SO much so - that I thought it could be Marla herself trying to do a little self promotion. Long story short - it wasn't her posting but I've loved her comedic timing and kickass belt so I wanted to showcase the first video I caught of her. Going right from her Broadway debut in South Pacific, you can now see Marla in a breakout role in Sister Act as Sister Mary Robert.

Sister Act's Marla Mindelle - Before They Were on Broadway

Craig Says: Truth is - I have NO idea who Tricia Tanguy is - but her video on YouTube singing a song I love caught my attention as did the fact that she's from my alma mater - Ithaca College where a lot of Broadway stars went to school. Enjoy Tricia's rousing rendition of Matthew Wilder (music) and David Zippel's (lyrics) "Reflection" from Mulan.

Who is Tricia Tanguy?

Craig Says: Broadway composer Andrew Lippa and head of the musical theatre program Kaitlin Hopkins take Texas State University musical theatre students into the studio. While serving as the musical theatre program's first Composer in Residence, Andrew and the students recorded "It Gets Better" to aide the efforts of the national anti-cyberbullying campaign of the LBGT community. All proceeds generated from this video will be directly donated to The Trevor Project! Andrew's incredibly inspiring song matched with outstanding student talent has produced a rare and beautiful gem!

Andrew Lippa records "It Gets Better"

...and one more thing...

Craig Says: Howie Michael Smith and Sarah Stiles began creating videos on their "Sillyocity" branded YouTube channel. Many of them are bound to tickle your funny bone in their absurdity. Here's one with Howie writing a song about Sarah...

See you next week!

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