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Tony Kushner Teases Upcoming HBO Series & Spielberg Film

Tony Kushner Teases Upcoming HBO Series & Spielberg FilmPulitzer Prize-winning playwright and noted screenwriter Tony Kushner discusses Broadway, Hollywood and his various upcoming projects - including a newly announced HBO series pilot and a new feature film for LINCOLN collaborator Steven Spielberg, no less - as part of a new interview.

In remarking upon the similarly historically-based LINCOLN follow-up for the director/writer team, Kushner relates, "I'm working on a screenplay for Steven Spielberg, so that's completely what's on my mind at the moment - the specifics of a couple of scenes I'm working on. I can't go into any details about it because I'm not allowed to, but I'm trying to get it done before I come out to the West Coast. I'm hoping I can."

In opening up about the subject matter slightly, Kushner adds, "It's based on an actual historical event. It's a complicated account of a very dense historical moment, and not one an audience is going to be very familiar with, so it presents a lot of challenges in terms of exposition. I'm sorting out how to be true to the complexities of history while telling a dramatically satisfying story."

Also, Kushner shares first news about a new HBO series he is planning, returning to the channel that originally brought ANGELS IN AMERICA to the screen at the turn of the century.

"I'm working on a series for HBO. It's a contemporary story set in New York. I'm not able to say more," Kushner hints.

Kushner continues, "I'm working on the pilot and what they call 'the bible,' which is a projection of the plot. It's a lot of fun to play around with it. I hope I can do it."

"It's a form I don't know very well, but I tend to think in Epic structure," Kushner says.

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