STAGE TUBE: Sneak Peek - SURVIVOR's 'Operation Balance Build' Challenge

On tonight's episode of CBS's SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD, the remaining contestants will have to face the 'Operation Balance Build' challenge. The challenge has contestants moving bowls through a complex puzzle in order to stack them on top of a tower, but if the bowls touches the sides of the puzzle they’ll have to start over again. Survivor Host Jeff Probst gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the challenge below!

Eighteen castaways competed on SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD when the Emmy Award-winning series returned this season. The castaways fought the elements, adapted to their new surroundings and vied against each other to stay in the game or be voted out by their peers, all while living together on the same beach. Tribes, separated by men versus women, had to decide whether to share their resources with each other or leave the opposing tribe to fend for themselves.

The 18 castaways were divided into two Tribes of nine: the Salani Tribe and the Manono Tribe, named after islands in Samoa. The tribes were comprised of individuals from all different backgrounds with the same ultimate goal: to outwit, outplay and outlast and ultimately be crowned Sole Survivor. The show is hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst.

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