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Patrick Wilson Attends THE CONJURING Premiere

Patrick Wilson Attends THE CONJURING PremiereBroadway headliner and Hollywood star Patrick Wilson leads the new feature film from horror master James Wan, THE CONJURING, and he stepped out alongside the starry cast earlier this week in LA for the red carpet premiere of the true-life-inspired thriller.

Wilson cuts an appreciable figure in a slender black suit, while Vera Farmiga appears radiant in a snake-skin-accented black gown.

Also, co-star Ron Livingston shares a trademark style in a spiffy suit while posing for a shot.

Wilson himself discussed THE CONJURING with me at length in our recent InDepth InterView (available in full here). Portions from the chat follow:

"PC: You have another film with James coming out first, though [before INSIDIOUS 2]...

PW: Yes. James and I just wrapped another film we shot in the Spring - THE CONJURING. Vera Farmiga and Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston are in it, too. It's a great script and a great, great cast.

PC: A period film, to boot.

PW: Right. It takes place in the early 70s and it follows this group of ghost-hunters - the original activists for that whole movement; Ed and Lorraine Warren. Lorraine is still alive and she lives in Connecticut. actually. So, this is the story of their beginning and why they did it and everything - it's really cool. It's a very, very, very well-done movie, I have to say. I always hesitate to say things like that - you know, "It tested great!" - but, it's one of those unusual, unusual experiences because a horror movie usually tests well with males 18-35 and this has kind of a real across-the-board appeal. It's a real, human story - yes, it's scary, but it's not gory. There's no bloody, really - there's none of that stuff in it at all.

PC: Psychological horror.

PW: Right. It's a thriller. And, also, taking myself out of the equation, I think it's very well-acted and the kids in it are so great. It plays like a great drama.

PC: A bit of DON'T LOOK NOW and ROSEMARY'S BABY, perhaps?

PW: Absolutely - James just loves that stuff. You know, for having been in three or four horror movies, I'm not a big horror guy, so when James and I have conversations, he has a tendency to lose me sometimes. [Laughs.]

PC: It's not necessarily your area of expertise.

PW: No, it isn't - I'm not that up with all the details of horror movies of the 1970s and everything. But, what I did love about the movie - just like with THE EXORCIST and ROSEMARY'S BABY and even as late as POLTERGEIST - you never felt like you were sacrificing acting. There's something wonderfully melodramatic about all of it, of course - you know, fighting the devil and all of that kind of stuff. Whether you are religious or not, though, it is really fun to play - and it gives you a lot to chew on as an actor."

THE CONJURING is set to be released July 19.

View the photos of Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and more at THE CONJURING premiere below.

Patrick Wilson Attends THE CONJURING PremierePatrick Wilson Attends THE CONJURING PremierePatrick Wilson Attends THE CONJURING Premiere

Photo Credit: Splash News

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