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'MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! – The Musical' Applauds The Triad Theatre in NYC

'MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! – The Musical' Applauds The Triad Theatre in NYC
MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! - "The Musical"

MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! performed a High-nrg pulsating evening at The Triad Theatre in NYC! Michael Doane, a booking manager at The Triad, provided his cooperation, talent and experience to make this new concept a success and worked seamlessly alongside Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc., the Production Company behind MARINA's High-nrg LIVE. Shannon Epstein ran the epic sound system which enveloped this explosive interactive Pop-Rock Opera written and directed by Marina Kamen. Lead Producers Roy Kamen and Marina Kamen of Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc., Sharon Barnett Producer.

The Triad Theatre helped to introduce this new concept in Musical Wellness Entertainment. High-nrg LIVE! thrusts its participant audience into an exciting live musical experience in the vein of Stomp, De La Guarda and a pop music concert.

The impassioned audience was split between a traditional seated area and a vibrant dance floor in front of the stage, where they interacted with the cast and movement throughout the production.

This elite packed house at The Triad Theatre in NYC spurred on the interactive audience, like a fueled crowd at a sporting event. The show's finale had the whole audience up and coming to the floor in front of the stage with the cast, and ending with an energetic dance party!

The seated audience was filled with a "who's who" of top tier Broadway and television producers, authors, musicians, talent agents, politicians, writers and composers. One particular notable group included the production team of "Sammy's Bowery Follies", written by Sharon Barnett, Adam Shorsten and Michael McFrederick, being directed by Kimberly Eaton (Broadway's Fun Home). Marina Kamen will work on Sammy's Bowery Follies as Music Supervisor, Choreographer and Co-Casting Director. This first staged reading will be performed on Monday October 24th at Pearl Studios in NYC presented by Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc. Sharon Barnett Executive Producer, Roy Kamen and Marina Kamen Producers.

Marina Kamen aka MARINA, who lost 100 pounds while writing over 50 albums and 450 songs for the advertising, dance and fitness communities, has now launched this musical theatre experience entitled MARINA's High-NRG LIVE! - "The Musical" for all audiences to enjoy! Marina leads the cast, has written the script, music, lyrics, choreographed and directed this project.

Marina has cast an enormously talented ensemble who play instruments, sing and dance. Many of them have also lost significant weight with Marina's guidance over the past two decades and have been mentored by Marina vocally. These people's stories have been woven into a seamless musical storyline. In the finale, Marina tells the crowd, "Hear the music, feel the beat and never stop moving in your life." This is a mind, body and spirit concept easily felt by all from this exciting musical theatre encounter.

MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! - "The Musical" made its debut on Friday Sept. 30th at the Triad Theatre located at 158 West 72nd St.. The cast, led by Marina, includes Larissa Laurel, Samantha Amaral, Tyler Michael Kamen, Emily Carroo, Dawn Del Orbe, Elana A. Mugdan, Dorothy Lennox, Teresa Hui, Wayland T. Harris, Brandon Osborn, Leah Gerstel, Nataly Santiago, Kiara Carrion, Charlz Landi and Rew Starr.

Marina is a Certified Fitness Expert in addition to Grammy nominated and Billboard charting recording artist, composer, producer, director, casting director, choreographer, vocalist and violinist with 50 years of theatrical, radio and television credits under her belt. She is the mother of three adult children who are now ages 23, 25 and 30. Marina is an expert in advertising and fitness, and has worked with QVC, Shop/NBC, Gaiam, Tristar Productions and Script to Screen. Marina is also the 2005 People's Choice Award Winner for her 1,200 online Original Music Fitness Podcast Broadcasts.

Marina is the co-owner of Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc. along with her husband and Executive Producer Roy Kamen. Kamen Entertainment Group is a television and entertainment Production Company that has received over 140 industry awards since launching in 1987.

Marina Kamen trained at The American Ballet Theater, The June Taylor Dance Company, Luigi's Jazz Center, Broadway Dance Center in addition to studying with legendary Musical Theatre icons including Helen Gallagher and Albert Hague. Marina attended the Manhattan School of Music and Interlochen Arts Academy majoring in voice, violin, dance & composition. Marina has made hundreds of television appearances including on The Discovery Health Network, The Tyra Banks Show, ShopNBC, PBS, The Noggin' Network, WPIX News, ABC News and been seen in magazines and news publications including Woman's World Magazine, The LA Times, Prevention Magazine, First for Women, Billboard Magazine and The NY Post. MARINA has directed, cast and choreographed hundreds of TV and Live performances most recently the Global TV campaign for Britney Spears' "Twister Dan Rave" Sponsored by Hasbro.

'MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! – The Musical' Applauds The Triad Theatre in NYC

'MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! – The Musical' Applauds The Triad Theatre in NYC

'MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! – The Musical' Applauds The Triad Theatre in NYC

'MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! – The Musical' Applauds The Triad Theatre in NYC

'MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! – The Musical' Applauds The Triad Theatre in NYC

'MARINA's High-nrg LIVE! – The Musical' Applauds The Triad Theatre in NYC

Photo Credit: Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc.

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