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FROZEN Creators Discuss Cut Material & Songs For Broadway Adaptation

FROZEN Creators Discuss Cut Material & Songs For Broadway AdaptationDisney's animated movie musical mega-hit FROZEN has been announced to be aiming for the Broadway stage and the creators discussed potential material they are planning to utilize, such as previously excised song cut-outs, as well as pondered what very well could come to exist in the new musical theatre adaptation of the project as part of a wide-ranging new interview.

Describing numerous song sequences that did not make it into the final film, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez first detailed another troll song that was in the original score for the film, as well as additional material penned for the character of Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff).

In touching upon the additional troll tune, Anderson-Lopez revealed, "We had a crazy Troll song that was about walking in other people's shoes. But it had this romantic music in the middle of it where Anna and Kristoff literally walked in each other's shoes and saw how each other saw the world. But it had a lot of lyrics about foot fungus."

Another interesting tidbit about the trolls that the creators have now discussed is the fact their character types have a basis on Broadway.

"It's a combination of Book of Mormon and Kinky Boots cast members. It's not a coincidence that Stephen Oremus [music] directed both," the creators shared.

Additionally, the accomplished songwriting duo provide further information about an additional song penned for Kristoff that could very well make it into the proposed stage adaptation and/or sequel someday soon, told with a particularly humorous and sarcastic edge characteristic of the creators.

"Jonathan Groff isn't known for his singing. He's more known for his naked buttocks. Ha ha ha. Actually, we kept fighting the whole process to get a Kristoff song but Kristoff is such an introvert. He's the type of character who wouldn't sing until Anna helped complete him and by then we were into action all the way through the film. For the Broadway version you can rest assured we'll give Kristoff a bigger, longer, song. P.S. There is a ballad - a love song to Anna that exists in an undisclosed location :)," the pair generously related.

Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez also broached the topic of the cut song "We Know Better" and whether or not it could eventually make it into the Broadway edition of FROZEN, saying, "We don't know yet if "We Know Better" will be included. What you hear on the soundtrack is only half the song. The rest of the song showed the evolution to the point where they split and Elsa became a villain using her powers for evil and Anna was a prissy princess. So obviously, that told us what the movie shouldn't be."

Check out the complete original complete conversation with the FROZEN creative team here.

So, what types of songs in particular would you like to see and hear in a Broadway version of FROZEN?

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