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Betty Buckley Saved Rufus Wainwright From Drowning as a Kid

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Betty Buckley Saved Rufus Wainwright From Drowning as a Kid

A new story from The Washington Post profiles singer/songwriter/composer Rufus Wainwright, but it begins with an interesting story featuring someone familiar to the Broadway world.

When Wainwright was 3 years old, playing in the shallow end of the pool at a hotel in West Hollywood, he suddenly went underwater. He says that he "was presumably saved by Betty Buckley, which is the story I stick by."

Buckley confirmed the story, posting on Facebook, "I saved Rufus Wainwright from drowning in the Chateau Marmont pool when he was a kid."

"I didn't know who his parents were, at that time. He was just this little kid in trouble in the pool," she writes. "His folks' backs were turned, so I jumped in and pulled him out of the water. It wasn't till years later I learned the identity of the little kid."

She goes on to say, "Rufus and I share the same Sound Man Terry Gabis, who after one of their concerts, called me and said 'Betty Lynn, you saved Rufus?!' I was thrilled to learn that I had saved Rufus for the world."

The full story talks about Wainwright's upcoming album, his career, family, and much more. Read the story on The Washington Post.

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