BWW Exclusive: Les Miserables at The MUNY Summer 2013 Scrapbook!

It was theatre magic at its best: rain lightly came down on closing night as the entire cast of LES MISERABLES at The Muny belted out "The Epilogue" one more time. The audience lept to their feet as the final notes hung in the air. All week long, The Muny experienced a complete standing ovation before the curtain call began, something that Muny goers said hasn't happened in at least 35 years. The cast of LES MISERABLES experienced the audience's appreciation all week long and their final performance was no exception.

The cast and creative team was filled with both MIZ veterans as well as newbies that came together to create a truly amazing experience, one that no one who was in the show or had the opportunity to see, will ever forget. And now brings you an exclusive behind the scenes scrapbook from their experience!

The show, produced by The Muny's Executive Producer Mike Isaacson starred Broadway veterans Hugh Panaro and Norm Lewis who made their Muny debuts starring as Jean Valjean and Javert, alongside Michael McCormick as Thénardier. A thrilling group of five of the nation's finest up-and-coming university musical theatre students, who were personally selected by director Richard Jay-Alexander from the more than 1,500 performers who auditioned, joined these veterans. They were: Charlotte Maltby (University of Michigan) as Fantine, Alex Prakken (University of Michigan) as Marius, Bobby Conte Thornton (University of Michigan) as Enjolras, Katie Travis (Central Michigan University) as Cosette, and Lindsey Mader (University of Oklahoma) as Eponine. Rounding out the cast was Tiffany Green as Madame Thénardier, Lily McDonald as Young Eponine, Lilly Kanterman as Young Cosette, and Jimmy Coogan as Gavroche.

The full company included: Keith Allen, Duke Anderson JaLeesa Beavers, Dane Burk, Jimmy Coogan, Jerry Jay Cranford, Josh Daniel, Connor Deane, Julian Decker, Jennifer Diamond, Francesca Ferrari, Tiffany Green, Connor Hanlon, Haley Henderson, Monte J. Howell, Seth Hunt, Charlie Ingram, Lilly Kanterman, Gregory Kirsopp, Dorcus Leung, Norm Lewis, Joe Longthorne, Lindsey Mader, Johari Nadi Mackey, Charlotte Maltby, Lee Anne Mathews, Russell McCook, Michael McCormick, Lily McDonald, Kate McMillan, Hugh Panaro, Trevor Patton, Alex Prakken, Trevor St. John-Gilbert, Samantha Rey, Katie Sarno, April Strelinger, Reuben Thomas, Bobby Thornton, Katie Travis, Ryan Vasquaz.

The Muny production featured scenic design by Robert Mark Morgan, sound design by Jason Krueger, lighting design by Nathan Scheuer, video design by Rob Denton and costume design by Colleen Grady.Kevin Stites served as the musical director with Marybeth Abel as the associate director, and the production stage manager was Michael T. Clarkston.

Click here to see photos from the show.

Click here to see photos from the opening night party.

Click here to see video from the show.

Meet Richard Jay-Alexander at The MUNY!

Norm Lewis, Larry Pry (Muny Marketing and Press) and Hugh Panaro

Les Miserables call board

Marybeth Abel staging "Master of the House" with Michael McCormick and ensemble

Michael McCormick and Gregory Kirsopp staging "Master of the House"

Morning massage train

Bobby Conte Thornton (Enjolras) staging the top of Act II with Jimmy Coogan (Gavroche)

Francesca Ferrari with Lilly Kanterman (Young Cosette) and Lily McDonald (Young Eponine)

Jimmy Coogan (Gavroche) getting some rest during a long day

Bobby Conte Thornton leading the men in the ABC Cafe

The cast, led by Norm Lewis and Hugh Panaro, wish Leo Ramsey ( a MUNY teen) a Happy 16th Birthday!

Jerry Jay Cranford teaching the cast "The Wedding"

Hugh Panaro and Alex Prakken

Lindsey Mader, Richard Jay-Alexander and Connor Deane relaxing after a long day of rehearsal

Richard Jay-Alexander and Jennifer Diamond at the legendary Pappy's Smokehouse

Connor Deane, musical director Kevin Stites and Julian Decker relaxing after a long day of rehearsal

Dinner at Maggiano's: Richard Jay-Alexander, Marybeth Abel, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis, Gregory Kirsopp and Liza Stein

Richard Jay-Alexander sampling the famous frozen custard at Ted Drewes

Marybeth Abel making a supermarket run!

Post rehearsal slushies: Katie Sarno, Dane Burk, Russell McCook and Haley Henderson

Hugh Panaro trying to make a call with the candlesticks

Duke Anderson practicing waving the flag for "One Day More"

Hugh Panaro in deep thought with Sally ((Richard Jay Alexander's rescue dog)

Norm Lewis and Hugh Panaro trying to stay cool

Richard Jay-Alexander got famous Imo's Pizza delivered to rehearsal

Rehearsal selfie: Katie Travis, Alex Prakken, Bobby Conte Thornton and Lindsey Mader

Richard Jay-Alexander and Hugh Panaro with Sally

Lunchtime selfie: Russell McCook and Jennifer Diamond

Tiffany Green, Samantha Rey, Monte J. Howell, James Jarrott, Matt (pianist) and Katie Travis having lunch at the MUNY canteen

Charlotte Maltby, Jennifer Diamond and Samantha Rey

The whole cast at toasting at Alex Prakken's house

Connor Deane, Michael McCormick and Julian Decker at Alex's pool party

Tiffany Green photo bombing Lindsey Mader, Julian Decker and Connor Deane's selfie.

Richard Jay-Alexander, Norm Lewis, Jennifer Diamond and Hugh Panaro enjoying the pool party

Jimmy Coogan toasting at the pool party

The cake at the Alex Prakken's pool party

Russell McCook posing with the sleeping Johari Nadi Mackey

Jennifer Diamond sneaking up on the sleeping Johari Nadi Mackey

Hugh Panaro seeing if Johari Nadi Mackey is really sleeping.

Richard Jay-Alexander is quite confused by the sleeping Johari Nadi Mackey

Tiffany Green scaring the sleeing Johari Nadi Mackey.

Gregory Kirsopp having fun with the sleeping Johari Nadi Mackey

Keith Allen popping up behind the sleeping Johari Nadi Mackey

Even Sally wanted to pose behind the sleeping Johari Nadi Mackey

Anita Shastri (Stage Management intern), designers Rob Denton and Justin Barisonek, Richard Jay-Alexander, production stage manager Michael T. Clarkston and directing intern James Jarrott

The boys up on the barricade for the first time: Russell McCook, Norm Lewis, Bobby Conte Thornton, Julian Decker and Alex Prakken (down front)

Bobby Conte Thornton finding his spot to die on the barricade

The boys of the ensemble during "sweat thru": Back row (left to right) Ryan Vasquez, Charlie Ingram and Russell McCook. Middle row: Duke Anderson, Josh Daniel, Julian Decker, Connor Deane, Monte J. Howell, Gregory Kirsopp and Trevor St. John-Gilbert. Front row: Keith Allen, Joe Longthorne, Dane Burk and Seth Hunt

The Ladies during "sweat thru": Kate McMillan, Katie Sarno, Haley Henderson, Jennifer Diamond, Samantha Rey and April Strelinger

Kevin Stites conducting the orchestra during "sweat thru"

Samantha Rey and Kate McMillan backstage during "sweat thru"

Julian Decker and Monte J. Howell staying cool in the air conditioning

Trying to stay cool anyway possible: April Strelinger, Kate McMillan, Jennifer Diamond and Katie Sarno

Joe Longthorne and Josh Daniel wearing Richard Jay-Alexander's "talent" hat

Posing during "sweat thru": Kate McMillan, Dorcas Leung, Russell McCook and Charlie Ingram

Opening night rainbow

Claude-Michel Schonberg's opening night letter to the company

Alain Boublil's opening night letter to the company

Opening night gifts to the cast from Richard Jay-Alexander

Richard Jay-Alexander, Mike Isaacson (Executive Producer) and Kevin Stites celebrate the opening!

Richard Jay-Alexander and Samantha Rey opening night

Lilly Kanterman signing autographs

Katie Travis, Russell McCook, Katie Sarno and Dorcas Leung celebrating opening night

The kids: Lily McDonald, Jimmy Coogan and Lilly Kanterman

Full Cast on opening night led by Hugh Panaro and Norm Lewis

The Thenardiers modeling the fall line from David's Bridal (Michael McCormick and Tiffany Green)

Charlotte Maltby as a barricade boy

The Ladies backstage: Back row (left to right): April Strelinger, Samantha Rey, Kate McMillan, JaLeesa Beavers and Jennifer Diamond. Middle row: Haley Henderson, Francesca Ferrari, Dorcas Leung and Lee Anne Mathews. Front row: Johari Nadi Mackey and Katie Sarno.

Michael McCormick and Katie Travis backstage

Backstage quick change area aka the war zone!

Lindsey Mader with Lilly Kanterman

A very dirty Hugh Panaro and Jennifer Diamond

Katie Travis loving her Cosette bonnet

Tiffany Green noT Loving her dirt

No dirt at the wedding ladies! (Dorcas Leung, Kate McMillan and April Strelinger)

Norm Lewis and Connor Deane inside the famous Gateway Arch

Jennifer Diamond, Russell McCook, James Jarrott, Dorcas Leung, Ryan Vasquez, Keith Allen and Katie Travis at the St. Louis City Museum

Trevor St. John-Gilbert, Keith Allen, Kate McMillan, Duke Anderson, Samantha Rey and James Jarrott

Norm Lewis eating some soul food at Sweetie Pie's

Jennifer Diamond and Russell McCook

Dorcas Leung looks ready for Newsies!

Katie Travis and Alex Prakken backstage

Duke Anderson photo bombing Samantha Rey and Julian Decker

Jerry Jay Cranford and Kate McMillan backstage

Norm Lewis and Jennifer Diamond

Katie Travis makes Bobby Conte Thornton laugh backstage

Jerry Jay Cranford and Norm Lewis having a very solemn moment then...

Jerry Jay is off to Neverland!

The Thenardiers backstage (Michael McCormick and Tiffany Green)

Haley Henderson, Charlie Ingram, Jennifer Diamond, Duke Anderson, Samantha Rey, Connor Deane, Francesca Ferrari and Julian Decker backstage

Norm Lewis and Samantha Rey celebrating closing

Hugh Panaro and Connor Deane post last show - Hugh shaved off his beard!

Lilly Kanterman says goodbye to Norm Lewis

Katie Travis, Alex Prakken, Charlotte Maltby, Mike Isaacson,Bobby Conte Thornton, Lindsey Mader and Hugh Panaro

Tiffany Green and Hugh Panaro at the closing night party

Julian Decker and Hugh Panaro

The ladies celebrate closing night: April Strelinger, Katie Sarno, Kate McMillan and Jennifer Diamond

Entire cast onstage closing night

Full Cast singing "One Day More"

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