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BWW Blog: How to Overcome Stage Fright

BWW Blog: How to Overcome Stage Fright

I have been singing since I was in the fourth grade. Every time I get up to perform a solo, whether it be at school, at church or even in front of my family, I get stage fright. The nervous feeling that consumes your body moments before you perform. Almost every performer gets stage fright. But why do we get stage fright? We have been practicing our pieces weeks and months in advance ready to showcase our talents to the world.

We tend to get stage fright because we are expected to perform the best in front of people we either know or do not know at all. I performed today in my studio class and was so ready. I was prepared to sing my favorite piece. But as I was watching the girl before me perform, I suddenly began to feel nervous and started to panic. Oh no! I'm up next....oh gosh no no no, I'm not ready. The panicky feeling came over me and then my name was called to go up and sing.

My vocal teacher took her time and I paced around the stage before I settled into the crook of the piano. I said to myself over and over, "you are going to do fine, you are not nervous and just breathe Tabitha" I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. The piano starts playing and you are hoping to even get the first note out. After the first line, the nervous feeling had gone away. So if you are reading this and experience stage fright just like me, here are some tips to help you!

1. Breathe

Breathing will help you calm down and focus.

2. Do not look directly at someone in the audience.

Looking at someone will make you even more nervous because while watching them, your turning your thoughts away from your song and wondering what they are thinking. It is always better to look at something above the audience, for example a clock or even a sign. I find this very helpful.

3. Talk to yourself.

Give yourself confidence. Tell yourself that you are gonna do fine. Say "I am not gonna be nervous! I am going to do just fine!" Give yourself encouraging words.

4. Pray

Praying before I sing always helps me because I ask God to help me perform to the best of my abilities. I ask him for strength and comfort.

5. Practice in front of friends and family

My friends and I always sing in front of each other. It helps to know that they are all supporting you and are there to help you.

These are my tips on stage fright! I hope some of all of these tips will help you

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