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Adam McKay On 'Huge' Musical Number In ANCHORMAN 2 Re-Release

Adam McKay On 'Huge' Musical Number In ANCHORMAN 2 Re-ReleaseWhile internationally recognized funnyman and former SNL star Will Ferrell has already proven his mettle on the Great White Way with his solo show YOU'RE WELCOME AMERICA, the ANCHORMAN 2 star figures into another theatrical trope as well - an elaborate musical number filmed but cut from the new feature film comedy but set to be a central component of the Alternate Cut, set for re-release in theaters for a limited time later this month.

Director Adam McKay recently revealed details about an altogether entirely different cut of ANCHORMAN 2, including the aforementioned cut musical sequence, as part of a new interview.

McKay reveals, "A huge musical number is the one big thing that we cut, so that will be in this cut."

Additionally, McKay adds of the alternate cut, "And there's a lot of new stuff. I think there is 15-20 minutes of extra material as well as everything being replaced. It's fun though, man. We watched it, and it's actually a blast."

In describing the musical number itself and why it was excised, McKay relates, "There's a whole like four other runs in there, and there is no way to get it into the movie unless you buy the whole musical number. The musical number was so long. And by the way, the musical number worked. It got laughs. It played, but you could just feel the story drag because it was such a tangent. So that will be in the alt cut. But that may be the most painful scene [to cut from the theatrical release] because I love that scene."

Furthermore, McKay says that fans will also get a chance to check out the musical sequence on the forthcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of the alternate cut in addition to the upcoming theatrical re-release.

"They're going to put it out as a special Blu-ray/DVD release," McKay confirms.

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