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Creator and Producer Fabrizio Boccardi's Reinvention of the Supernatural Genre in Media Sparks Curiosity

Jan. 18, 2017  

Completed for King Midas World Entertainment through a license provided by Boccardi, DARK LIGHT: DAWN will be published in North America by Macmillan Publishing Group in August 2017.

Inspired by recent geopolitical events, rising terrorism, and religious conflicts, the novel unprecedentedly meshes an action-packed, paranormal tale with an entirely fresh fictional take on the rise of the devil in human form coming to claim the world as his own. DARK LIGHT: DAWN's creative blend of scientific principles and biblical elements culminates in a celebration of free will and the power of human nature itself. This book seeks to explore the most challenging mysteries of the Universe, from its inception to the potential demise of life on earth at the hands of demonic powers of inexplicable energy that can neither be scientifically explained nor objectively dismissed.

This new literary property was conceived by creator and producer Fabrizio Boccardi and written by USA Today bestselling author Jon Land. Jon Land was retained after terminating a previous agreement for the same book with New York Times bestselling author Susan Sizemore, who signed onto the project in 2013.

The supernatural action thriller adds an exciting and innovative property to Fabrizio Boccardi's franchise library that currently includes Michael Tiranno The Tyrant, hero of the bestselling book series originated in The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending and continued in Black Scorpion: The Tyrant Reborn, currently in development as a major feature film. Tyrant One Imperium Pictures a producing subsidiary of King Midas terminated a development production agreement with Relativity Media in August 2015 as a result of the studio's bankruptcy filing.

King Midas plans to similarly expand the DARK LIGHT property into other media, including films and TV, as part of its continuing effort to seek out and develop properties that have franchise potential across a broad multi-media spectrum.

About KMWE
Based in Las Vegas, King Midas World Entertainment is focused on the development of its brands and proprietary franchises and invests in their application in the publishing, casino, movie, entertainment, interactive media, and branding industries.

About Jon Land
Mr. Land is the critically acclaimed, award-winning, and international bestselling author, of the bestseller The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending, which was selected by the Library Journal as a Best Thriller of the year.

About Fabrizio Boccardi

Fabrizio Boccardi is an Italian American investor, businessman, creator, and producer.


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