Final dates of Annie Get Your Gun tour cancelled

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I'm not surprised it got cancelled. Did anyone see the tour? It was pretty basic, very minimalist. Jason Donovan was really miscast and sung in an English accent, I saw him in Priscilla a few months before and he was brilliant - Frank Butler wasn't made for him.
Emma Williams was fantastic and carried the entire show.
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Yes I saw it in Bromley and was enjoyable, this maybe because Jason Donovan was out on vacation that week.

Has the last two engagements been cancelled because the tour hasn't been selling? It was pretty solid the night I saw it and that was a week night. Or maybe it is because Jeeves and Wooster is finishing up on September 20th at the Duke of York theatre, so intends to move in there?

If that is the case the West End is becoming awash with gaudy musicals that are coming in from tour.

Updated On: 8/18/14 at 09:35 AM
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I saw it on the last night of it's run at the Opera House which was it's first stop and the theatre was only three quarters full. Me and my friend actually moved down a few rows because there was so many going spare. So the ticket sales must be very hit and miss.
Has the show been advertised at all? I thought it seemed like a very good community theatre production.
Wow. This scared me until I checked and found the New Wimbledon dates are still on. I just today bought a transatlantic ticket, paid about $300 to get my passport renewed in person, and bought a ticket to the show.

I'm not surprised Emma carried the show as I've seen Jason before. And have loved Emma in everything I've seen her in.
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It was Jason Donovan being cast in this that put me off wanting to see him. Never had an issue with him as a performer (saw him in Sweeney Todd and Priscilla) until he starred in The Sound of Music and sang Edelweiss completely flat. Luckily I saw the Young Vic production with Jane Horrocks and Julian Ovenden which I loved.
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I saw this production the other week at the Liverpool Empire, and I have to say I was rather disappointed. Considering I this was my first time seeing a production of Annie Get Your Gun, I was totally underwhelmed. Jason Donovan, was miscast as Frank Butler, and was very ropey when it came to his singing. Emma Williams was the shining light in this production, carrying the show and being the standout performer in all her scenes. The set too was static and sparse, which for an ATG production was very disappointing. Having seen other ATG tours I was expecting far better production values. I went on a Saturday matinee, and the circle was only three rows strong and the stalls looking half full (considering that this venue is perhaps a 2000 seat venue), it is such a shame, considering this is an icon of musical theatre.
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Such a shame this has flopped, Emma is a great talent but can't seem to get a hit. Reviewed Jason in the most recent Priscilla tour in Manchester and he was flat and looked bored.
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