New Benny Andersson/Bjorn Ulveaus Musical Project

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Judy Cramer, Executive Producer of Mamma Mia announced in an interview last month that she would be shortly announcing details of a new project with ABBA's Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulveaus.

Any one know any more about this?
New musical?
Revival/new staging of "Chess"?
"Kristina" finally being staged in it's English translation?
Staging of their small scale musical play from last year "Help Needed"? It's being staged and translated into Danish for a staging in Copenhagen later this year.

Or god help us another juke box musical using ABBA's back catalogue.
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I'd love for it to be Kristina but I can't imagine Judy Cramer being involved with that. It's no Mamma Mia.

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