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"Blithe Spirit" Previews
Posted: 3/4/14 at 04:11pm
Any news? Anyone been yet?
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"Blithe Spirit" Previews
Posted: 3/5/14 at 05:19pm
I'm there this Friday.

Really looking forward to it; last time I saw this play I was wildly underwhelmed, however I have heard only great things about this production. And of course, Ms. Lansbury and Ms. Dee are sure to deliver. I will post my thoughts following Friday's performance.
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"Blithe Spirit" Previews
Posted: 3/5/14 at 07:01pm
Just back from the show this evening and have to say Dame Angela had the entire audience on the edge of their seats with her beautifully whimsical performance. The obligatory round of applause with her first entrance and standing ovation at the bows was heartfelt and genuine which is a rarity in London where such overt responses are generally awkwardly prompted (Chita Rivera in Kiss of the Spider Woman and Patti LuPone in Sunset spring to mind). Maybe we're all becoming a bit more American - maybe it was an audience just giddy to be seeing a theatre legend 'home' after the best part of half a century.

She seemed oddly amplified in Act 1, uniquely amongst the cast, but this was resolved after the interval and while sometimes her delivery was a little hushed the crowd were hanging on her every word and entirely engrossed with her Madame Arcati. I was particularly impressed with the amount of dialogue she has and her expert delivery of it - especially having read some whispers of an ear piece from Broadway. No such suggestion here. The occasional whiff of an ageing Eglantine Price, with the meddling of Jessica Fletcher and all in a wig SO ginger Mrs Lovett should check her dresser - this could almost have been packaged as The Best of Angela Lansbury..

The rest of the cast were equally impressive. Janie Dee oozes charisma as always, again proving herself to be equally brilliant in drama, comedy or musical roles. Somebody notify Lady Edith that her betrothed is alive and well and very at home with Cowards' 40s dialogue - a very worthy UK counterpart for Rupert Everett. As his first wife, Elvira Jemima Rooper (who I grew up watching in As If and Sinchronicity but missed in One Man Two Guv'nors) wont be the first thing I remember from the evening but always managed to be fun and every bit the match, from beyond the grave to Janie Dee's Ruth.

But the night was always going to belong to one woman. And as such it is fitting that the first thing I WILL recall of Blithe Spirit will forever be Dame Angela's pre trance dance moves. By itself well worth a Tony in anyone's book. Not bad for an 88 year old.

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Posted: 3/6/14 at 01:02pm
The greatest

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Posted: 3/6/14 at 01:56pm
She looks like such a Nuanced Seance.
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Posted: 3/8/14 at 01:59am
Sounds like Dame Angela brought her A game from the start, ukpuppetboy. Great review. Keep those reviews coming, folks in the weeks ahead. So jealous of all you UKers!!
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Posted: 3/8/14 at 05:30am
Do they sell posters?
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Posted: 3/10/14 at 06:16pm
Really enjoyed this on Saturday. What a thrill to finally see La Lansbury on stage, something I was starting to think would never happen. Great play and brilliant cast, none of whom are diminished by Lansbury's star turn. I've written more on my blog if anyone is interested. And they do sell posters for 5.

Review: Blithe Spirit
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Posted: 3/19/14 at 07:28am
KermitTheFrog - thank you for the great review. Sounds a great production, I love the idea of the curtain coming down after each scene!

So glad you enjoyed it and that none of the cast disapointed.

I am seeing it on Tuesday 25 March - can't wait

Thanks again and will be checking out your blog in future.

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Posted: 3/19/14 at 10:06am
Thanks for the links Phantom

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