La Headley at the Palladium

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La Headley at the Palladium
Posted: 12/31/13 at 02:54am
Is anyone going to Heather Headley's concert at the Palladium on 2nd of Feb?
Does anyone have any idea what the program/song list would be?
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La Headley at the Palladium
Posted: 1/31/14 at 07:10am
Apparantly this has been cancelled according to a wos tweet
La Headley at the Palladium
Posted: 1/31/14 at 11:44am
This is on her facebook page:

To my dear friends in London and beyond...
This has not been my favorite note to write but, here goes:
Regrettably my show at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London on 2nd February has been cancelled.
I was hoping that my album 'Only One in the World' would be released prior to the show date, but due to unavoidable timing issues, it's meant that the album's release has to be delayed, and so, the promotional tour must be postponed. I truly hope to play the show at a later date, once the album has been released. I apologise for any inconvenience that this will cause, and the promoters are offering full refunds at point of purchase.
While in England, I was blessed to meet and have some of THE most supportive and kind people show up at that theater. I wanted to do this show for my thanks to you. I'm terribly disappointed that it cannot be at this time (the band was in place, lights, songs...we were ready!), but I hope that I'll be able to see you soon.
Until then,
My apologies...and my sincere thanks.
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La Headley at the Palladium
Posted: 1/31/14 at 07:38pm
I saw HH in The Bodyguard and she was superb but I think she had a reputation of missing shows. She was meant to be in the Night of 1000 Stars but missed that too. HH is not a big name and it's a big theatre to fill so I wonder if it just hadn't sold well.


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