BWW Reviews: Bayou City Theatrics' INTO THE WOODS Puts a Fantastic, Fresh, and Intimate Spin on a Classic

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Once again your reviews are costing me money. Can't wait to see the show. I've loved ITW since I first saw the original Broadway cast a couple of hundred years ago. The different tones of the first and second acts were pretty controversial back then; I'm anxious to see how the transition is handled in this production.

I'm also excited about this theater company. That's an impressive roster for an inaugural season.
Bayou City Theatrics
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I couldn't agree with you more. This theatre has a dream season lined up, and they'll pull it off with poise and style.

Since you've seen ITW before (and even the OBC), I'd love to hear your impressions of this cast and this interpretation. This was my first ITW experience. Needless to say, I'm now a fan of the show! This one is money well spent!
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What the group was able to accomplish on a shoestring budget was remarkable. It appears that the bulk of the credit goes to Colton Berry; who, according to the program, not only directed the show and was hysterical as Cinderella's prince, but was the force behind the company itself. (He probably also washed the floors and made the lemonade they sold at intermission, but that wasn't specifically mentioned in the program.)

Many of the performers were excellent in their roles. My favorites would be Danika Johnston as the Baker's Wife, Scott Lupton as Jack, Erin Wasmund as Cinderella, and the aforementioned Colton Berry. It appeared that some others were still suffering the aftereffects of the flu you mentioned David, and couldn't quite reach some of the notes. Fortunately, this didn't dampen their enthusiasm so the audience wasn't cheated, although I felt the production would have been enhanced if the sound had been amplified, both to give the actors a break and to ensure that every luscious Stephen Sondheim lyric was heard.

I'm afraid that it's not really possible to compare this to the original Broadway production. There are just too many instances where BCT chose not to compete due to budgetary and logistical constraints. For example, the original sets were gorgeous; here, not so much. And how can they compete with a full orchestra? (As an aside, you don't have to be old to experience the original cast. You can head over to Amazon or Netflix for the Broadway production on DVD. It's a luscious recording and worth every moment of the 2.5 hour run time.)

I'm officially a fan of Bayou City Theatrics and look forward to their next production.


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