Panto Season 2012/13

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Panto Season 2012/13
Posted: 12/22/12 at 01:27pm
Just wondering if anyone has seen any pantos yet, if so what and were they any good?
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Panto Season 2012/13
Posted: 12/23/12 at 05:51am
Brian Conley's Robinson Crusoe at Birmingham Hippodrome got wonderful reviews-even from The Independent!
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Panto Season 2012/13
Posted: 12/23/12 at 01:41pm
Of the four I saw, Robin Hood at Greenwich was far and away the best of the pack for the London area, though I didn't get to Cinderella at the Lyric, which was also well regarded.
Panto Season 2012/13
Posted: 12/23/12 at 04:20pm
I just got back from seeing Jack and the beanstalk at the Southampton Mayflower. What a great show that was it was very funny and had a very good 3D bit in the second half. I wont give it away but Julian Clary and Lee Mead do a very funny version of an Andrew Lloyd webber song in the first half of the show. Southampton Mayflower pantos are known for having a great cast each year and this years cast were

Julian Clary

Lee Mead

Nigel Havers

Paul Zerdin

Plus some top 5 star theatre stars.

They were all great. I am so Lucky to live near Southampton and get to see a great panto or Christmas show. Last year I went to see the Panto in Wimbledon as Dame Edna was in it and am a big fan and it was not a patch on Southampton. Top marks go to Southampton. If you can go see thisa show its great.

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