Book of Mormon to hit Prince of Wales Theatre?

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Anyone got anymore information on this? True or False?
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BIG musical announcement due today, should have come thru late last night but didn't!

Updated On: 11/17/11 at 05:42 AM
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Maybe we will get some info from Baz tomorrow .
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Would have thought the Prince of Wales might be a tad too big but then again having seen it in NY in the spring, am sure this is a show that will do well in London.
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Any ideas where Bridget Jones and Viva Forever (which are both also definitely opening next year, apparently) will open? The former at The Adelphi is the popular rumour and the latter...The Aldwych? The Prince Edward is still viable, but Jersey Boys is running out of places to transfer to, unless it transfers to The Gielgud...
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Awaiting this announcement :)
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Isnt Viva Forever delayed a bit now? Might just be a rumour though
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The Palace is also available after September 2012 unless Singin' extends. Jersey Boys is a fairly small show so it could move to a smaller theatre without much changes.

The Prince of Wales' capacity is around 1160 so it's fine if Mormon is going there. It does have a wide stage though.
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Mormom is heading to the Prince of Wales next Autumn..

Viva Forever is not expected now until 2013.

Bridget Jones is now likely to take residence at The Savoy or Adelphi late 2012/2013.

Jersey Boys won't close over the Olympics, next Autumn they could transfer to a smaller venue such as Geilgud when something has confirmed The Edward.

There is huge traffic of shows wanting to open Oct 2012 thru to March 2013. Bridget Jones, Viva Forever, Charlie and Choc, Miss Saigon, Mormom, How to Succeed to name but a few...

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Princeton Returns
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Wait, hold the phone... How to succeed is now wanting to come to London? Daniel Radcliffe said it wouldnt be. Like the prospect of Charlie and chocolate factory. Viva forever not so much.

Sad mamma Mia is moving to Novello, I thought it was perfectly suited to the prince of wales
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Justin D
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Not to pick hairs, but one thing I love about the Broadway production is the planets around the proscenium and over the boxes, I don't see that working in the POW theatre very well if at all. Not much room above the proscenium. Phantom at the Royal Empire Theatre
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How to Succeed will not be coming over and i very much doubt Charlie will happen next year.
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The only way How to Succeed will come over is if Daniel Radcliffe comes with it, it won't do well otherwise.

Still think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will replace either Shrek or The Wizard of Oz in 2013.