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Member Name: Scripps2
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Birthday: 1 - 22
Gender: Male
Location: Yorkshire
Profile: I go to the theatre to be stimulated, moved and challenged. Sometimes I get all three and occasionally I get my mind jolted as well. Particular thanks to Messrs Chekhov, Ibsen and Sondheim.

Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Brent Barrett
Daniel Evans
Julia McKenzie
Emma Williams

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • THE BOYS IN THE BAND Broadway Revival - Spring 2018?  Jun 24 2017, 04:33:07 AM

    Regarding the recent London production I couldn't make up my mind whether it was the writing or the acting but I think anyone going in expecting to see a rediscovered masterpiece will be disappointed. A period piece, yes, and an interesting one for documenting the attitudes of the time and perhaps setting where we are now in context.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Reviews / OPENING NIGHT  Apr 23 2017, 04:07:40 PM

    That's a great analysis of Hello Dolly, PJ, none of which had occurred to me but is absolutely there. It would seem that Jerry Herman's score moves quickly to our hearts whilst leaving almost-impenetrable footprints in our mind.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Reviews / OPENING NIGHT  Apr 22 2017, 06:09:24 AM

    And why has David Hyde Pierce been made up to look like William Ewart Gladstone?!

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Reviews / OPENING NIGHT  Apr 22 2017, 06:04:13 AM

    And how is the train, btw? Does one's spine tingle when it comes on stage during Put on Your Sunday Clothes?

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Reviews / OPENING NIGHT  Apr 22 2017, 06:01:49 AM

    Interesting that so many British critics have reviewed this. Since it was always going to be critic-proof dare I suggest that some of them, like Cornelius and Barnaby, just wanted to put on their Sunday clothes and have a jolly in New York at their employers' expense!

    Anyway, the most important words in the Gay Times review are "London transfer, please."

  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 12 2017, 05:29:59 PM

    RippedMan said: "Do they not do like "best book" "best score" kinda thing?"

    The proportion of straight drama to musical theatre is different in London; most years there aren't enough new musicals in the West End to justify the variety of musical categories that the Tony awards have.

  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 9 2017, 04:27:28 PM

    I'd guess that the voting was pretty evenly distributed in the Best Musical category and that Groundhog Day slipped into the lead almost by default.

  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 9 2017, 04:11:04 PM

    Better timing there froote!

  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 9 2017, 04:08:19 PM

    Definitely not announced on the radio yet!

  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 9 2017, 03:48:02 PM

    froote: please be naughty and post Best Musical now. This is running late and I want watch Line of Duty on BBC1 at 9pm.

  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 9 2017, 03:32:31 PM

    My radio must be slow - froote seems to be posting the results before I've heard them announced!!

  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 9 2017, 03:31:06 PM

    Magic Radio working fine with the broadcast.

    Don't know about Sirius.


  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 9 2017, 03:20:20 PM

    Is Frank DiLella well known in the US - I've no idea who he is or why he's so high-profile at the Olivier Awards?


  • 2017 Olivier Awards  Apr 9 2017, 02:05:36 PM

    I suppose this will get best musical as well.

    (sarcasm intentional).

  • National Theatre: Follies  Apr 9 2017, 05:44:04 AM

    The full cast list, performance dates and marketing image are now on the NT's website (; the logo is certainly different from previous productions.

  • 2017 Olivier Award Nominations  Mar 29 2017, 04:56:43 PM

    plzstp said: "Does anyone else find it completely bizarre that Dreamgirls is being nominated as a new musical? I mean it's never been produced in London but the show has been around since the 80's."


    It's new to the UK. Consequently it's absolutely correct to be treated as a new musical. 

  • Hamilton in London  Jan 21 2017, 04:45:37 AM

    The notification limited me to four tickets.

    But I bought eight.

    And with skillz like that I await the call from the Brexit negotiation team. ;-P

  • Imelda Staunton to Star as Sally in West End Follies  Oct 1 2016, 02:00:18 PM

    We're going to get Follies at the National vis-a-vis the Royal Court. It certainly won't be what many of the regulars here might like and raises mixed feelings within me.

    Janie Dee is good casting but I agree with QueenAlice that Jo Riding would complement her better as Sally.

    The great drum revolve under the Olivier stage will be fantastic for Loveland transformations. But we're in the Weismann Theatre, an early c20th auditorium with a traditional pro

  • In your opinion who is the greatest playwright of the 20th century?  Sep 24 2016, 06:48:06 AM

    Good debate. Here are my contributions...

    Simon and Ayckbourn need to be crossed off the list because the vast majority of their bodies of work have not achieved the international recognition that others have.

    I'd like to add Terrence Rattigan to the list as the British equivalent of Tennessee Williams but would then have to immediately cross him off for the reasons I cite above.

    I find Sarah Kane's work very interesting but I think you have to se

  • Documentary about Merrily We Roll Along  Sep 21 2016, 02:03:35 PM

    I think I recognised a middle -aged James Weissenbach in the trailer - it will be very interesting to understand how this impacted on his life. I'm glad he felt able to participate.