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Member Name: Scripps2
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Birthday: 1 - 22
Gender: Male
Location: Yorkshire
Profile: I go to the theatre to be stimulated, moved and challenged. Sometimes I get all three and occasionally I get my mind jolted as well. Particular thanks to Messrs Chekhov, Ibsen and Sondheim.

Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Brent Barrett
Daniel Evans
Julia McKenzie
Emma Williams

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  • King Charles III  Apr 13 2015, 04:53:24 PM

    "I'll be in London next week and I just couldn't get enthused about this one.  Planning on seeing Curious Incident and perhaps The Play That Goes Wrong or The Nether."

    Haven't seen the last two but Curious Incident is definitely worth seeing.

  • King Charles III  Apr 13 2015, 02:47:19 PM

    A derivative retread of 1990's House-of-Cards sequel To Play The King that doesn't have even a quarter of the mischief of its predecessor, and which is so shallow it doesn't even dare to explore the issue that becomes the central character's Achilles' heel. The verse element of the play is over-stressed in the hype and frequently unnoticeable in the theatre. Diana's ghost is amusing (for five minutes) whilst the portrayal of Prince Harry is of such a fickle standard it would disgrace a Hollyo

  • Terry Gilliam wanted to do a film of CANDIDE  Apr 4 2015, 04:52:14 PM

    As someone who manages to weave breath-taking strands of genius with those that are deeply flawed, this does seem to be a good combination of material and director.

  • Message Board Update!  Apr 3 2015, 04:41:39 PM

    Much easier to read and navigate on my LG G3 - thank you.

    The only odd thing is that when I hold the mobile in portrait position and then move it to landscape, BWW stays in portrait whereas all other sites move to landscape with the mobile. 

  • Betty Buckley To Play Carlotta in Stephen Sondheim's  Apr 2 2015, 02:37:17 PM


    Probably the right decision - I don't think EastEnders had problems with its casting.

    And in reverse transitioning, Maria Friedman is now the latest viper behind the bar in EastEnders:

  • Betty Buckley To Play Carlotta in Stephen Sondheim's  Apr 2 2015, 02:20:13 PM

    I very much doubt it. Unless, like Imelda, she's developed a power voice.

    The casting for this concert seems very hit and miss.

    And the food-menu doesn't interest me at all.

  • Betty Buckley To Play Carlotta in Stephen Sondheim's  Apr 2 2015, 02:01:38 PM

    Anita Dobson is well-known here as the original pub landlady (1985-1987) in EastEnders. The episode of this that achieved what are still the highest ratings ever on British television featured her in the central storyline. She also got into the charts at the time singing a cringe-inducing song based on the EastEnders theme music.   

    In terms of musical theatre, she went on to headline in an interesting West End flop called Budgie opposite Adam Faith, a stage adaption of a

  • Who Am I ?  Mar 28 2015, 06:35:25 PM
    Judy Kuhn.
  • Women on the Verge is finally a hit with the critics  Mar 27 2015, 03:26:55 PM
    It was intended to.
  • Women on the Verge is finally a hit with the critics  Mar 27 2015, 02:49:12 PM
    Part of the problem we had is that the understudy was on in place of Jerome. We actually had two understudies on a Saturday evening (second time this has happened to me within a year - theatregoer on the verge of a nervous breakdown). The taxi-driver understudy was great but the Ivan understudy was someone normally given to comedy-sidekick roles (at which he's great). He just didn't have the charisma to convince us that the alpha-female, that was Tamsin's Pepa, could fall for him and be so despo
  • Women on the Verge is finally a hit with the critics  Mar 27 2015, 02:21:40 PM
    On the whole, I think the whole added up to less than the sum of its parts. So I'll review on a piecemeal basis:

    Good things:

    Tamsin - she can do no wrong. The show gets off to a slow start but once the valium goes in the gazpacho, Tamsin gets to do her stuff and she does it, as always, brilliantly. Her voice is, if not beautiful, there, on-the-note and projected with power when necessary.

    Haydn - totally commanding, particularly in her solo number during which I
  • Ethel Merman in ANYONE CAN WHISTLE  Mar 27 2015, 11:14:49 AM
    If her legend is anything to go by, I think she would be plausible taking over from Clarkson in Top Gear.
  • Wolf Hall Previews  Mar 27 2015, 09:17:12 AM
    So no change on the previous night then.
  • ~~CHARLES STROUSE HAS NEW WORK!~~  Mar 24 2015, 04:51:08 PM
    Mr Strouse is currently performing a cabaret show at The Pheasantry in London accompanied by Bonnie Langford. He sang and played the piano, choosing songs to illustrate the anecdotes about his career. He tended to concentrate on the main stream stuff and there was less of his incredibly rich portfolio of more obscure material.

    I saw him on Sunday evening and, whilst he didn't take questions from the audience, he was very approachable afterwards. I found him to be incredibly gracious a
  • Sondheim birthday crossword  Mar 22 2015, 07:31:08 PM
    Note that The Spectator wasn't included above.
  • Sondheim birthday crossword  Mar 21 2015, 09:27:46 PM
    I also understand that, in addition to The Grauniad, those who prepare the crosswords for The Times, The FT, The Torygraph, The Independent and The Listener have pooled their resources by joining forces to prepare a personal crossword for Mr S. that will be given to him today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone).
  • Sondheim birthday crossword  Mar 21 2015, 09:14:26 AM
    Be sure to check out The Guardian's prize crossword (26525) published today, "in honour of an 85th birthday."

    No excuses for the Sondheads on this board not completing it in its entirety. ;-P

    (can't supply link due to reasons that are beyond posting)

  • Follies on DVD  Mar 11 2015, 03:40:46 PM
    Well, the orchestra does sound fantastic.

    And, from the theatregoing accountant's perspective, the DVD is a lot cheaper than the money I might have spent on a EuroStar ticket.

    Full cast and creatives here:

    Solange was played by a male actor...
  • Follies on DVD  Mar 11 2015, 11:40:42 AM
    Having considered making the journey to see this and deciding against it, I shall probably buy the DVD. The strength of the production will be David Charles Abell conducting a (presumably) full orchestra and a cast that is at least more consistent than the forthcoming Royal Albert Hall concert. Having initially thought she was miscast, I found Liz Robertson to be a surprisingly good Joanne in a regional production of Company several years ago so I would hope she delivers here as well.
  • re: Favorite Jerry Herman?  Mar 1 2015, 01:51:55 PM
    I'm bumping this because I got to see The Grand Tour last month when it had its European premier at a fringe theatre in London.

    I think the show's problem is simply that it doesn't know whether to treat WWII as being a dangerous and stressful time for those involved or jolly good fun. It is possible to get away with the latter as several television sitcoms have done but the book alternated between the two and this did not sit comfortably with Mr Herman's wonderful score.