BWW Interviews: Brian McFadden on THE WAR OF THE WORLDS

BWW Interviews: Brian McFadden on THE WAR OF THE WORLDS

Westlife's Brian McFadden has joined an all star cast for the last ever tour of Jeff Wayne's THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.

With the show due to hit arenas from November 2014, McFadden told BWW:UK how excited he is to be playing the Sung Thoughts of the Journalist - alongside a holographic Liam Neeson as the Journalist.

"I've always wanted to know what's going on his head," says McFadden.

"He's an incredible guy. For me that was amazing when I knew that he was going to be playing the part of the journalist. Put that on the CV to say you starred alongside Liam Neeson - even if it is only a 3D hologram as far as I'm concerned it's going on my CV: 'Performed with Liam Neeson'."

He tells us he's excited about singing the iconic songs from the show, particularly Forever Autumn, though he admits to a little bit of nerves: "Some of the best people in the world have sung that song before me. And this is the last ever THE WAR OF THE WORLDS and the last thing I want is to be the one who did a botched job on this iconic song."

So with this first taste of musical theatre, could we be see him in the West End one day?

"A few years someone asked me would I ever like to do the West End and I said the only show that I would like to do if they ever made a musical version of it would be THE COMMITMENTS which ironically is a show now."

If the producers are reading this, should they be straight on the phone to his agent?

"Absolutely - I'm available! I would love to do it. I have said for years I'd love to have done that. It's one of my favourite movies and the music in it's just great. I did love being in theatre when I was a kid. I did shows like the Wizard of Oz when I was 12 or 13. I did love that life of kind of going into the studio every evening and having that same feeling. Touring is fun but I would like to do a show where you're in the same place every night and have that kind of settled feeling but still that excitement of knowing there's a show every night."

Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds tours the UK from the end of 2014.

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