BWW Interviews: Potomac Playmakers to Present VINTAGE MURDER, an Interactive and Improvisational Murder Mystery

BWW Interviews: Potomac Playmakers to Present VINTAGE MURDER, an Interactive and Improvisational Murder Mystery

Everyone usually enjoys a nice evening of food, wine..... and solving a murder case! Vintage Murder, an interactive and improvisational murder mystery, will premiere September 6 at the Knob Hall Winery. Produced by the Potomac Playmakers organization of Hagerstown, MD, Vintage Murder will provide many new occasions for the theatrical organization, such as a new location and new type of production.

The murder mystery begins when Winery, the owner of the Tortellini Brothers, dies. Winery's daughters, Toni and Olive, are listed as the heirs in his will, but both have varied ideas of what to do with the inheritance. Matters are complicated when you include a greedy country boyfriend, a shady chauffeur, a hypochondriac Mama's-boy and "a few other oddball characters with questionable motives and you have the right vintage of mayhem with a bouquet of murder".

"The conflict comes from the death of a never seen character whose will is changed two days before his death. My character can do whatever he wants and he will look to make as much money as he can" said cast member Ralph Mauriello.

Unlike a traditional murder mystery, such as The Mousetrap or And Then There Were None, Vintage Murder is entirely improvisational.

"Other than a few scripted lines, there is virtually no script. We have back story and we have character descriptions. Character development is the key when it comes to improvisation. You must listen, because nothing is the same twice and listening allows you to react" said Mauriello.

"Given the improvisational nature of this specific show, it will be much more interactive and the audience involvement and participation will be essential to the show experience" said Potomac Playmakers Vice President, Jim Zuna.

In addition to a new theatrical style, Vintage Murder will also occur in a new location for the Potomac Playmakers. The show will be performed at the Knob Hall Winery in Clear Spring, Maryland, and will occur as an evening of dinner theater entertainment for audiences.

"Performing the show at Knob Hall will be a different experience than our previous shows at the Hagerstown Women's Club performed on a traditional stage. This is a first for the Potomac Playmakers in what we hope to be a long and fruitful partnership with Knob Hall. This production continues our efforts into the expanding the types of productions we intend to perform as well as increasing our profile in the community" said Zuna

As mentioned, the show is interactive and audiences will be highly encouraged to participate in the show and solving the mystery.

"Audiences should come see this show because it's funny. It's irreverent. The characters are starkly contrasted. Our audience will be part of the show." said Mauriello.

Vintage Murder also features Barry Harbaugh, Andrea Robison, Jessica Schlotterbeck, Nic Sigman and Maggie Stone as cast members. Vintage Murder will run September 6 and 7 at 7:00 PM at the Knob Hall Winery, 14108 Saint Paul Rd, Clear Spring MD. Tickets are $10 and food and wine can be purchased at the show. For more information or to make reservations, please visit

Photo Credit: Potomac Playmakers

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