BWW TV Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Susan Egan's 'Nina Doesn't Care'

Susan Egan has a brand music video coming out next week for her original song, 'Nina Doesn't Care,' and BroadwayWorld has an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of how Susan and crew put it all together -- complete with animated characters! The song is from her new album, 'The Secret of Happiness,' which is being released November 15th on LML Music. BroadwayWorld is very pleased to bring you this exclusive 'making-of' video, which features Susan Egan, Georgia Stitt (the album's producer and music director), Brian Haner who co-wrote 'Nina Doesn't Care', Susan Haner who produced the video, and Ken Duncan who led the animation for the video. Oh - and here's some inside info - though Susan's actual daughter Nina is now too old to play the baby in the video, she does make a cameo as herself (at age 4) in the final cut!

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