TOM and bread&circuses Stage WOT? NO FISH!!, Now thru Feb 21

TOM and bread&circuses Stage WOT? NO FISH!!, Now thru Feb 21

Bread&circuses presents the 2013 Brian Way Award winner Wot? No Fish!!, a one man show performed by Danny Braverman that tells the story of his great uncle's life through a series of drawings discovered on each paycheque of the man's married life. Directed by Nick Philippou, this show takes audiences on a captivating journey spanning decades.

In 1926, shoemaker Ab Solomons drew a picture on the wage-packet he gave to his wife Celie. Throughout their marriage, right up until the early eighties, Ab had drawn a wage-packet cartoon every week for her. These cartoons, with blistering honesty, "...reflecting in the end on the way we turn to the past to make sense of the present," (The Times) through all their ups and downs, chronicled Solomons' family life. Wot? No Fish!! Takes us on a journey with Ab and Celie along a road that went uphill both ways - but it was a journey they took together.

Founded in the 80's Bread and Circuses was created by Birmingham University graduates to take shows that engaged with both community and politics to the Edinburugh Fringe. After almost thirty years taking separate theatrical journeys, two of the original founders Danny Braverman and Nick Philippou reunited to create Wot? No Fish!! The experience has proved one of the most creative of their careers and, as a result, Nick and Danny have reformed Bread & Circuses as bread&circuses. There are clear echoes of the 80's climate that led Danny and Nick to form the original company and the new bread&circuses share many of the same values as the original collective.

Wot? No Fish!! will run today 20 and tomorrow 21 February, 2014. For more information, visit

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