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EDINBURGH 2011: BWW Reviews: EVIL - THE MUSICAL, Gryphon @ Point, Aug 15 2011

August 18
5:27 PM 2011


Evil the musical is a tongue-in-cheek comedy which follows seven supervillains, as they battle it out to see who will become the ultimate villain and gain world supremacy. Armed with their evil balls, they stumble through a series of botched evil deeds while attempting to evade the resident hero, Superguy.

Overall, the show is a little inconsistent. It starts off strong, with great vocals and a few good opening scenes, with clear characterisation as each villain is introduced. There's some genuinely funny writing, and at times the ever-popular hero/villain satire tone is spot on. Unfortunately, as the show progresses the writing flounders a little, and one particular comedic device is flogged somewhat.

On the whole, the cast give fun performances. The acting is sometimes a little cringeworthy, and while Jacky Fletcher does an admirable job of trying to portray the multiple personalities character of Incognito, the character is a little ambitious and doesn't really work.

For all its flaws, the audience still seemed to enjoy the show, and it was a fun, light-hearted show with original songs.

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