Dream Avenue Productions Bring ‘CelluloidÂ' To Manchester

October 21
11:02 AM 2011


Dream Avenue Productions, a new Fringe theatre company in Manchester are back with a new original play called ‘Celluloid' that plays the Three Minute Theatre in Afflecks Palace, Manchester from Nov 8th - 12th.

The company recently enjoyed success with a small tour in the North West region with the play ‘Dream On' written by in house writer Lloyd Eyre - Morgan. Now he brings to the stage another of his works which promises to be an exciting and ambitious fringe play that contains the use of multimedia containing live theatre and film.

Dawn is perceived by the world around her as a role model single mother, an academic medical professional supporting two children. Behind closed doors it's a different story, Dawn is breaking down , her life and mental stability crumbles slowly around her as her family unit breaks down. Her therapist Dave is on hand to help, however is something more sinister at work, is he the cause of her mental breakdown?

Dawns 15 year old son Joshua for years has escaped his family dysfunction by watching the world from behind a camera lens, creating fiction through filming the world around him. Whilst daughter Nicola finds darker alternate methods to escape her mother. However through moments from the past captured on celluloid, secrets will be revealed, and remember the camera never lies.

With an exciting up and coming cast in a great new fringe venue ‘Celluloid' is a play not to be missed.

To find out more about Dream Avenue and the play visit the website www.dreamavenue.co.uk.



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Craig Hepworth Craig Hepworth is a former musical theatre actor who now owns and is the artistic director of the popular Manchester Fringe Theatre company Vertigo Theatre Productions. The company have scored big hits with original plays written by him and his writing partner as well as producing, Directing and starring in the UK Premiere of Dog Sees God. Theatre is his number one love (as well as his partner of course) and if not working on a new play he’s normally reviewing other peoples plays for a UK Theatre site.Aside from his love of theatre he can be found In bars, cinemas or gossiping on Facebook, or he will be found embracing his second love....campy TV shows.


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