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Peter Zielinski

PJZ Twitter 5/14 @ 8:38 AM
PJZ - If @MJMcKean doesn't win an Emmy for Better Call Saul, I'm going to melt down copper, nickel, silver, and gold and forge him one myself.
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PJZ Twitter 3/16 @ 5:49 PM
PJZ - The arts are essential. Sign this petition to help save the NEA. #OrganizeForTheArts
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PJZ Twitter 3/14 @ 5:39 PM
PJZ - A little of my retouch work on a production shot of the legend herself....
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PJZ Twitter 3/13 @ 2:56 AM
PJZ - If “insomnia” is “I can’t sleep”, then what is the term for “but I don’t wannnna” as voiced by my inner 8 year old?
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