Mirvish, Bring Rush Tickets Back! :'(

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to say that you all must know that Mirvish no longer offers Rush Tickets or Lottery Tickets anymore. Its a shame. For almost 5 years (estimate) they've been making toronto happy by offering they're cheap tickets. Why did they start it because Broadway did and its a success. They said with they're own words "we do not sell rush tickets anymore." They think people don't want it and would rather buy they're cheap nose-bleed seats that are quite bad and most importantly they always get sold out, which forces us people who are on a tight budget to buy tickets priced at $80+, its ridiculous.

They believe people don't want to go to theatre and would rather buy online, which is true but they can do what Dancap Prouductions did with they're rush policy, it was all online 48 hours before each dancap performance.

**** Now I believe that if we all stand up to Mirvish Productions they will have no option but to bring back rush policies back to their shows. So please I'm begging you to please just reply to this message board saying you agree with my position in bringing back rush ticket. Hopefully Mirvish will agree. Thank you all for your support!


Updated On: 2/9/14 at 07:53 PM
Mirvish, Bring Rush Tickets Back! :'(
Posted: 2/10/14 at 07:19pm
Yeah, when Les Mis tickets were originally up for email subscribers I passed on them thinking I could get some rush tickets, by the time I found out there was no rush tickets most cheap tickets were sold out. Luckily they extended and I managed to get nose bleeds.

I'm just a high school student with low income that loves watching live theatre so it's really unfortunate that I won't be able to attend upcoming shows like "We Will Rock You", like you said sure there are nosebleeds {Which I have been in for both Aladdin and Les Mis} but I can't get myself to purchase them if I don't have much care for the show. I'd love to give Mirvish my $27 though for good, albeit obstructed seating.

Another thing that is kind of a pain as well without Rush is bringing someone. I only have one friend that would legitimately pay $50+ for a show and his taste is very limited; With Rush it's very easy to convince any of my friends to watch a show with me as the tickets are so cheap.

On the broadway page someone mentioned the American Idiot tour having a lottery, maybe Mirvish will allow that? {Wishful thinking}
Mirvish, Bring Rush Tickets Back! :'(
Posted: 2/11/14 at 09:59am
Rush seats for Les Mis never happened because the ticket demand for the show was so high. Same with Once and (I'm assuming) Aladdin. Why sell discounted seats when you can make more money selling them at full price? I'm sure if there are shows that aren't selling well in the future, rush seats will be available. You can 'stand up' to Mirvish all you like, but they have the monopoly in Toronto by owning most of the theatres (and being the only commercial producer we have) so they can get away with pretty much whatever they like.

Don't be too upset about not being able to see We Will Rock You. It's a horrible show that's not even worth a discounted ticket price.

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