Over 30 Performers to Gather at HOLLER 4 HEALTH CARE!, 3/31

Over 30 Performers to Gather at HOLLER 4 HEALTH CARE!, 3/31

Over 30 Canadian performers all have their reasons for Hollering 4 Health Care on March 31st, the day that the Conservative government will allow the Health Accord to expire. They are hollering because:

- "Hollering is one of the only things I'm actually good at doing. I urge Stephen Harper to skip even just one band practice so he can sit down with provincial leaders and negotiate something that works for all Canadians." Rick Mercer

- "I'm hollering for health care because it has saved my life." Andrew Moodie

- "I want universal health care in Canada to BE universal, and not have a system in which provinces pick and choose what they want to support, and privatize the rest." Fiona Reid

- "What is the federal government thinking? ARE they thinking? Whose hand is steering this devastating operation? I'm hollering because I can't afford to buy a bus ad." Nancy White

- "We're hollering for health care because we're moving into the procedure years." Women Fully Clothed (Kathryn Greenwood, Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke, Teresa Pavlinek)

- "My grandfather Tommy Douglas believed passionately that access to health care is the right of every citizen. He warned us to be vigilant in order to preserve that legacy Šwe're going to make our governments sit up, and tell them that our parents and grandparents worked, fought, and suffered to get us Medicare and we're not going to let anybody take it away." Kiefer Sutherland

Everyone is invited to HOLLER 4 HEALTH CARE!, a musical, comical protest filled with merry maladies and malady melodies this Monday March 31st, 8 pm at Trinity-St Paul's United Church, 427 Bloor Street West. Tickets are $12 - $25 cash-at-the-door or through Eventbrite.ca.

Performers: John Alcorn, Ben Bass, Brent Carver, Shirley Douglas, Robin Duke, Jayne Eastwood, Mary Lou Fallis, Kathryn Greenwood, Art Hindle, David Huband, Tabby Johnson, Ray Landry, Jani Lauzon, Napalm-the-Magnificent, Judy Marshak, Nora McLellan, Amy Matysio, Rick Mercer (video), Andrew Moodie, Teresa Pavlinek, The Polka Dogs, Fiona Reid, Jackie Richardson, Julian Richings, Rick Roberts, John Roby, Mike Ross, Michael Therriault, Adrian Truss, Kiefer Sutherland (video), Viva! Youth Singers, David Warrick, Nancy White.

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