BWW Reviews: TANGO FIRE Ignites Audiences at Winter Garden Theatre

BWW Reviews: TANGO FIRE Ignites Audiences at Winter Garden Theatre

Show One Productions' latest presentation in Toronto has brought passion from Argentina all the way to the Winter Garden Theatre stage.

The heat and passion is being caused by Tango Fire, the sexy and passionate presentation of dance that has previously delighted Toronto audiences as well as audiences around the world.

Their new production, appropriately titled Flames of Desire, is filled with sleek and energetic numbers in the style of Argentinean tango. Unfortunately, the show doesn't have enough "wow factor" to keep the momentum moving forward. The first act felt stretched out and dull towards the end, but luckily, what came in the second act was well worth waiting for.

The highlights of the evening were the last few numbers of the second act, specifically a number performed by German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi titled Susu. This number used an incredible mix of classic tango and modern elements in order to create a show stopping eleven o'clock number.

Cornejo, also the shows choreographer, clearly knows how to entertain an audience. His solos with partner Galeassi were by far the most impressive routines of the evening - earning the duo thunderous applause. While all the other dancers were excellent, none brought the same passion and skill to their act as Cornejo and Galeassi.

Vocalist Jesus Hidalgo was a nice addition to the production, but overall I felt as though he was underused. In order to allow the dancers to rest and change their clothes, long instrumentals plagued the second act. While the band was fantastic, capping the quantity of solos at one would have been sufficient, as by the third I felt my attention slipping away.

The show was beautifully staged, with the dancing clearly being the main focus. Other production values were minimal, except for some wobbly flats which were crudely painted to look like buildings. One area severely lacking in creativity was the lighting design by Zachary Ciaburri. Throughout the performance, it was evident that the same few lighting cues were just being recycled - and the design didn't reflect the energy of what was being presented on stage.

While this production is not the epitome of dance presented theatrically, for fans of the style and those who love to see professionals at their best, it is an excellent production to catch while you still can.

When and Where?

Tango Fire
The Winter Garden Theatre

Saturday Nov 9th at 3PM and 8PM

Tickets range from $49-$109 and can be purchased in person at the Winter Garden Theatre Box Office, by calling 1.855.622.2787 or online at

For more information visit

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