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Erica Starr Theatre

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by Lucy Prebble Directed by Leslie Swackhamer

Thrilling and explosive, "Enron" tells the amazing tale of the largest corporate collapse in history. Called "an era-defining, must-see theatrical event" by the Daily Telegraph, this show grips you with high-stakes drama and then takes you on a ride filled with music, dance, special effects—even dinosaurs. "Enron" follows the rise and fall of the world's leading energy-trading company, the seventh largest Fortune 500 company in America, all the way through to the "bankruptcy heard round the world." Jeffrey Skilling, Ken Lay, and Andy Fastow all come to life and reveal their dreams, schemes, and deceptions, in a story that's surprisingly human and tragic. Beyond greed and ambition, "Enron" captures the whirlwind spirit of the 1900's: hope, heroism, and a genuine desire to change the world, and how such noble goals can go so shockingly wrong. NY-1 called it "outrageously entertaining, incredibly fascinating, riveting theatre." How did one of America's greatest companies became America's biggest con job? This is the most fun you will ever have finding out.

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